Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I am such a slacker!
I have not been blogging at all and I'm not sure I even have an excuse why. It might be because just about every weekend in December Cody and I had some plans and were traveling somewhere. I feel like this last month has flown by!
I'm excited for what the New Year has to bring though. I joined the Wellness Committee at work and have been helping generate interest in the office on our Biggest Loser challenge and the GRR. So the New Year will bring awesome new fitness adventures and the few pounds gone! (Plus more blogging!)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

It’s finally that time of year…Christmas!
Last year was a bit of a blur, and I made a promise to myself this year that I would find a way to get in the spirit, not just for myself, but for my boyfriend, friends, and family. They all went through the pain last year, but Christmas has always been my favorite time of year and I won’t let that suffer, my friend JT wouldn’t want that.
So, in order to take on the season head first I decided to take advantage of an awesome opportunity my friend Ash told me about. Shutterfly is having an amazing promotion for 50 free Christmas cards, just for blogging! I myself have never used Shutterfly, so not only did I think it was a good opportunity to give Shutterfly a chance, but really get in the Christmas spirit while showing everyone else in the process. My friend Ashley and her boyfriend gave us a photo Christmas card last year and I thought it was so sweet and just a perfect gift for friends and family. I cannot wait to take advantage of this great opportunity and look at the great cards
I have already started the season by going to the Night of Lights in St Augustine and going to the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Landing. I’m looking forward to getting some Christmas cards to send out and spreading my cheer this season!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Outback Distance Classic-PR

On Thanksgving morning I ran in the outback Distance Classic. I only did the 6K, but I was excited to race again since my 1/2 in October. I met up with 2 of my co-workers once I got there. I was nervous since I wasnt running with someone, it was my first race by myself so I loaded up the ipod and hoped for the best.
It was foggy out and a little bit humid. I started out with both my co-workers and within the first mile we got separated with one. I stayed with the other until about 2 1/2 miles, but then I cranked my ipod and got into my rhythm. When I finished I felt great. I looked at my watch and saw it said about 38:50 seconds. I knew compared to last year it was better, but I waited for the results to be sure. I finished my 6K in 38:48 and averaged a 10:39 minute mile! That it a PR for me in this particular race, because last year I ran it in 41 mminutes and had an 11:12 minute pace. I love seeing how much my time has changed in a matter of one year. I also like seeing how I compared in my age group as well as to all the finishers. I finished 468 out of 2040 total finishers! Woohoo, excited for a PR!
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Looking forward to a good week of training/running.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Races & Possibilities

I'm pretty sure I stayed up too late last night. I started a new book and got a little caught up and before I knew it, it was almost 1 am. Needless to say, running didnt happen this morning.
Work was pretty boring, so while I sat ther staring at the computer I took it upon myself to register for the Outback Distance Classic race on Thanksgiving morning. The race is a 6K or a 1/2 marathon. My original plan before the Marine Corp 1/2 was to complete the 3 1/2 marathons in 3 months, one in October, November, and December, but I took too long of a break after the first one. So, this will be my first race since the 1/2. I'm really excited even if it only is a 6K! I have truly missed waking up early for the races, getting the bag of stuff, and just the adrenaline of racing all together! I have to say, I'm normally not a fan of the shirts races give out, but this years technical tee is cute! Last year they had a long sleeve cotton tee which I love to wear around the house in the winter, but I approve of the tech tee this year.
I was also looking at mini triathlons. I found one in Orlando in May. It would be a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. I just want to try something different. It is a big committment and I havent registered yet, but I am toying with the idea. I'll keep updating about what I decide. Now to watch one of my FAVORITE shows-The Biggest Loser, then I'll be trying for that run again tomorrow morning.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I've discovered a couple of things this week/past weekend:

* People are extremely INSENSITIVE-I mean like things you just dont say insensitive. It offends me, makes me mad, and genuinely hurts my heart.
* Chobani greek yogurt with fruit at the bottom is actually really good! At first I was nervous, but I'm impressed!
* I really miss running/races. I'm just dying to have my Saturday mornings taken over by the race schedule!
* I love my friends-the good quality friends in my life really make me happy and I know my life would not be the same without them.

Ok, I think thats all my discoveries. That was just on my mind tonight. Thanksgiving is also on my mind. I cant believe it the holiday season already. I cant decide if I'm stressed or excited, but I am making an effort to try and enjoy the season. Last year is a blur and I want to try because the people in my life deserve more than a moping Jen at Christmas. It will be difficult, but I can control how I let myself feel, and I'm all for getting into the spirit.

Not too much has been going on besides that. I'm really sticking to this new meal plan my trainer made. Its very clean and surprisingly I'm enjoying it. I think its when you re-commit to something like working out, that its exciting in the beginning. Thats how I'm feeling now, so I'm getting back into cooking instead of frozen "healthy" meals.

Ok, so this got random. I guess that's just how my thoughts were tonight. Off to bed-run in the morning.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Deranged can be defined as:
1. to throw into disorder; disarrange
2. to disturb the condition, action, or function of
3. to make insane

This about describes my workout today. I had my one month measurements with my trainer today and it did not go so well. Clearly I have been taking advantage of football season and enjoying my weekends a little too much. I mean, it wasnt bad, but the results should have been different. So on top of my workout this morning, he asked me to come back for a group circuit tonight and his gym has a class called deranged-I wasnt part of that particular class, but thats about what the group of us were calling his workout circuit. I got to the gym at 5:45 and left a little after 7 and it was non-stop the entire time. There really wasnt a time to rest, just constant movement from one exercise to the next. I am so wiped out right now, but its that good tired.

This means alot to me that I'm being pushed since I just celebrated my birthday with some amazing friends and delicious drinks and Thanksgiving being right around the corner. With the holidays coming up I want to try and enjoy them without over-indulging.

Ok-off to ice, heat, and relax my aching muscles. Its almost the weekend-yay, happy middle of the week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm finally starting to get into a rhythm.
I'm getting into a rhythm at work. The more I learn, the more comfortable and confident I feel.
I'm getting into a rhythm at home. I'm getting into a routine and starting to feel happy in Jacksonville.
I'm getting into a rhythm at the gym. Training is going so well, and now I have a friend from work doing it with me. The light bulb has clicked on and I'm on a mission to drop the last few pounds and really be an example for healthy living to people around me.
I guess things are just going well and moving in a positive direction. My only complaint would have to be the amount of time with the boyfriend. He is in school during the day and works at night, while I only work days. Needless to say I get to see him about 2 nights a week, and a full day on Saturday. Either way, we are making it work and slowly getting used to it. And after a great weekend with the Darius Rucker concert and FL/GA I'm just in a great mood!
Just wanted to post, since it has been awhile-hoping to start incorporating this into my day more.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend Plans

Today was a great day!
I'm excited because today was my Friday at work and I'm off to Tampa for the weekend!

Awhile ago, when Lebron James went to the Miami Heat, the boyfriend and I thought it would be so cool to be able to see him Wade and Bosh play since they are in Florida. Not long ago, tickets went on sale for a pre-season game in Tampa with the Heat (my team) vs.the Magic (boyfriends team). So, we got tickets and we leave for the game tomorrow. Were staying overnight and spending some time in Tampa, then heading to Gainesville for a family event. It should be a great weekend and I'm looking forward to getting away.

Also, tonight when I got off work, the boyfriend and I carved our pumpkin. Its something we do every year, because its one of my favorite fall activities. (pictures to come soon)

Ok-hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Been a While...

Ok, since the half marathon, I've been in a slump.
I have celebrated my accomplishment and let my eating and exercising slip. I've been working out with my trainer twice a week, but nothing more. I havent run since the half and I feel like I dont have a goal anymore. The half marathon was my biggest goal and now I feel like I have nothing left.

I'm ready to get rid of these last few pounds, but maybe I need another goal. If not, I'm thinking of working on my running and getting back into 5K's. Maybe I will work on my times and just start having fun with it again.

Either way, I'm going to get back into blogging-more day to day mixed in with my workouts and running.

Hope everyone is having a good week-tomorrow is my last day of work this week because the boyfriend and I have tickets to the Heat/Magic basketball game in Tampa on Friday night. It should be fun and it will be a nice getaway for us. Promise to keep up the posts!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I completed the Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon!!!
Omg, what an experience! I seriously accomplished my big running goal and I could not be happier! I felt so many different emotions that day, that it is really indescribable, but I'll try to break down the race:

Mile 1 flew by because its mostly spent weaving through traffic and making your way through the mass of people. Miles 2 and 3 involved the Main St bridge and the Acosta. I had run these bridges before, so I was not too worried. I just kept thinking "baby steps". Once the bridges were done, I knew it would be smooth sailing..kind of. At around mile 4 and 5 I heard sirens and saw the leader heading back (though they were passing mile 8) I was in shock. It is very hard with people speeding past you to keep your own pace. I did though and the miles went, but at mile 7 I was in for some trouble. I suddenly got a sharp cramp in my right side. Mentally I felt strong, and physically I didnt need to stop but the pain was pretty bad. I dug my hand into my side and concentrated on deep breaths. I just kept thinking that I could not run the remaining 6 miles with this pain, but I was also not willing to stop.

I pushed through and about mile 8 the cramp was gone. I kept hydrating and even ate some sport beans along the way. Miles 9 and 10, being the furthest I had trained I was feeling ok. My feet were hurting, I knew I had blisters, but once I passed 10 I knew every step was my furthest run and I wanted to blow it out of the water. There were alot of hills along the course, in fact mile 11 was at the top of one. With 2 miles left I thought I had a second wind. I did, but for about 5 minutes, then I was praying for the finish. I turned my ipod from mile 11 to 12.5. Once I passed the final water station and saw the turn for the finish I was ecstatic. My legs were heavy and begging me to stop, but my mind went to my best friend Jon, I was running every step for him. He never gave up in Afghanistan and neither was I-so I kept on. I turned my ipod off so I could enjoy the end with the crowd and music at the finish. When I turned the corner and saw the finish line and my boyfriend and dad something snapped inside me and I took off (or I thought I did). I gave it everything I had through that finish line (looking back on the video, I wasnt going so fast, I just thought I was). A marine placed a medal around my neck and the tears started and didnt stop for awhile. I was ecstatic, sad, relieved, and proud! A million emotions, but one outcome-I had finished my first 1/2 marathon!!

I have few pictures, bc I have a video of the finish, but my goals were to finish in under 3 hours and to run the whole thing-check and check, ran it all and finished in 2:48!
we did it-this picture does not do justice to how I felt
pre-race-so nervous

Friday, October 1, 2010


The 1/2 marathon is first 1/2 marathon!
I am beyond nervous. I'm actually wondering why I wanted to do this in the first place. If it wasnt for the Marines, I would really be second guessing myself! This is my first long race since the River Run and I just cant shake the nerves!
I just dont know how my body will react. Will I cramp? Will my breathing be right? Will I just feel tired? What about the bridges?
All these questions and emotions. I know I just need to relax, but uuugggh I'm all nerves!!
I guess I will see how it goes in the morning! AHH my first 1/2, I cant believe it!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's 1/2 Marathon Week!

It's finally the week of my 1/2 marathon! I'm so glad that its here because a 4 month training schedule is a bit much. I should have stuck with the basic 10 week schedule, because I'm about over the training. I'm ready for the race to be here!

Other than that I have started my new job. I will be training for about a month, which is fine. I really like everyone I work with, so its awesome! That has really kept me busy, and other than training I've been pretty boring. With football season here, my weekends are occupied with that. Oh well, my week will be filled with work and watching what I eat for Saturday, come on race day!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

9 Miles & a New Trainer!

First of all, finding a trainer/new gym is tough! I absolutely loved GHFC and my trainer there, and I knew when I moved back to Jax that it would be difficult, but I didnt know it would be like buying a car! Wednesday the boyfriend and I decided to go check out some gyms (the Y is kind of expensive). We started at the HIT center-the bootcamp is decently priced, but its not catered to the individual, more of a group atmosphere, so you're forced to keep up with different fitness levels. The personal training there was through the roof! Next, we moved on to Just Fitness (one of the locations here) and what a joke. I understand they are still building their gym in Mandarin, but they sit you at a table show you prices and then pressure you like a used car salesman. I asked about personal training, and all I got was Botox barbie in my face trying to intimidate me and trick me into a membership. No thanks, I wont pay $100 today just to get a session with you tomorrow-she gave me no prices and no incentive to go back, ever! (SN: I have been a guest this week to the Just Fitness at a different location, and it is 100% better-I may just join there) Then we went to the Y, just to see about their personal training. I was handed a sheet of paper and told to have a nice day. Again, not helpful. I felt discouraged until I got on FB that night and saw that a guy I went to high school with was training at a gym on Southside. I sent him a message, met him Thursday to talk goals, did a free session, and now I have a trainer! I dont have to join the gym he's at and he is super flexible with payments. Knowing him helps too, because I feel comfortable. Though we were acquaintances in h.s it is cool to be working together now.

I start tomorrow with him twice a week. We will do measurements every month and he's excited because I've been trained before, so in his words we can get straight to "kicking my butt." I know I dont have alot to lose, but I have hit a plateau and need to get these last 15 lbs off. I'm excited and I finally feel back on track since moving back.

On to the 9 miles. With 2 weeks until the 1/2 marathon, the Sunday long runs are peaking and today was a 9. I went to this running/biking trail and set out to get it done. The weather could not have been more perfect. I'm a little upset I didnt bring my camera because there was so much to see, from rabbits to bulls in the middle of the trail, it was a sight. I felt great the entire run. My feet started to hurt a bit at the 7 mile mark, but at that point I was in the zone and I felt like I was on cruise control, so there was no stopping. My time, not as good, but since this will be my first half-marathon, I'm not concerned with that at all. To me, its all about finishing! I feel great and I'm excited to start this next week, a new job, and a new trainer! Life is good-Happy Sunday! Look forward to relaxing and enjoying some football! Heck, maybe the Jags will win today!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Registered!

I know I havent posted in awhile, I guess alot has been going on.
I told my job about my new offer, and said I would stay for a week, but they would rather I go same day since I didnt need to get started on new projects and not be able to finish them. I completely understood and had no problem, so now I have a whole week off! On top of that, football season started and I've been busy between the Gator and Jaguar games.
Today I cleaned, did laundry, and organized my room. I love having things clean and together, it just makes me feel better. The most exciting part of my day was registering for the Marine Corp 1/2 Marathon! I've been officially training for it, but not feeling 100% ready, but now I'm in and I have no choice. I cant believe its about 3 weeks away. These next few weeks of training are going to be intense and I'm ready to kick it into high gear!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exciting Day!

What a day! It started with a little work drama. Before our staff meeting this morning my boss tells me I will be going to Melbourne with him and our manager tomorrow for meetings..ok great! It gets announced at the meeting, business as usual, then
I get told that I am no longer going, someone in the office didnt think it "was fair that the new girl was going" Ok it upsets me a little because I dont understand why grown women are upset and being childish, but ok I wont go. 3:30 rolls around, and I'm going again, geeze!
That doesnt really matter much anymore because I got a call today from Allstate and I got the job I've been interviewing for! This is finally it, the start of my career, not just a job. I will be a full-time, salaried employee, licensed by the state of Florida, ah so excited! I dont know how or when I will leave this job (I start Sept 20th at Allstate) but I'll figure it out over the weekend.
After work I went to 1st Place Sports for new shoes. I brought my old ones just to make sure they were dunzo and boy did I get a rude awakening! Apparently you should replace your running shoes like every 4 months (if youre running on average 20 miles a week) Well I've had these shoes for a year and so yah...they were more than happy to sell me another pair. I got my feet tested and I have a medium arch with pressure on my heels, and more so on my right foot, for whatever reason. Of the 3 pairs I tried, I stuck with Mizuno and got the same type as before, just the newest version.
After that my parents took me to dinner to celebrate. While we waited for a table I went and bought a new Jaguar shirt since I'm going to the game tomorrow night. It was just overall and exciting day! I'm not sure about my running tomorrow though since I have to be at work at 7. I'll just have to make something work!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time for Shoe Shopping!

After today's 4 mile run, one thing is apparent-something is off, and I think I know what it is. The last three runs I have done, though physically I felt great and my breathing and everything was under control, when I stop running the pain sets in. It feels like both of my knees have been locked for a decent amount of time. They feel so stiff and tight, and I've never felt that before. It doesnt last too long, and I can normally walk/stretch it out, but it is painful. I dont know if it has anything to do with the distances I've put in each week with training for this half, but I'm thinking it could be caused by my shoes. I've had them from my first 5K (last October), to the River Run, and now half marathon training. So, tomorrow I will go to 1st Place Sports and see about some new shoes. I have my Vibrams (which I love) but I havent been training with them, so the plan is to get some new Mizunos (like I wear now) and once the half is over, using my Vibrams again.
Besides my run this afternoon, work was extremely boring, so I couldnt wait to get off and go run. My mom and Cody came tonight which was helpful because there is something different about running in the afternoon rather than the morning. I definitely prefer the morning, so I wont put it off again.
Tomorrow: no running-strength training!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Run Recap & Quick Dinner

The 8 mile run Sunday turned into a 6 miler. The weather was questionable so we cut it short, but the run was amazing! I ran with a friend, Ashley, and we chatted the entire way. The run went by so fast, and I felt great! I really feel like I'm coming into my own in terms of running because with each run I feel stronger. I'm just really excited about the place I'm at with my running.
I am however not thrilled with my lack of strength training lately. I know kicking that in will help me shed the last 12-13 pounds. I've been stuck at this point with my weight and I cant seem to get past this plateau. I know I'm ultimately responsible more because I cheat here, or have an off day there and it all adds up. Its fine when I'm maintaining, but when I still have pounds to go I should be a little more focused. Now with football season starting this weekend, it will be tough to stay on track, but I will just have to bring things I can eat. I will attempt that this weekend!
Tonight, after work I wanted to go and get a new Gator shirt for the game this weekend. While at the sports store Cody and I ran into everyones favorite teacher from our high school. We ended up talking to her for awhile and by the time we left it was 7:30. I knew I didnt have time to make an elaborate dinner and I am a huge fan of quick, healthy dinners so thats what I did. I was extremely tempted to, and I think most people can relate to this, get junk food. When its late and you dont feel like cooking, and the night doesnt go as planned, its so much easier to turn to fast food. I thought about it and how guilty I would feel afterwards and instead I grabbed the stuff for chicken stir fry!

With these simple ingredients I was able to make a quick, healthy dinner. Cut up chicken mixed with stir-fry sauce and veggies over a little brown rice. I was full and happy-no guilt here! I'm happy, but I do feel like it is a constant battle to make the right decisions. Though its my lifestyle I still want to throw in the towel some days. When I dont, I feel so much better. I know that not only am I making the best decision health wise, but that its good to know I have to will power to not give into the easy fast food temptation.
Tomorrow: training schedule says 4 miles!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 Miles & New Gear

This morning I had my job interview with Allstate, which I think went very well. They seem like a great company and I was told that getting in with them is like starting a long-term career, which is what I'm looking for! I should know by next week, so I'm excited to find out.
After the interview Cody and I did lunch with his mom and we thought since the weather was overcast, it would be a good mall day. Somehow everything I ended up purchasing revolves around running. I think thats when you know you've really gotten into something, everything you buy has to do with it. Here's a pic of everything I got:

I got Nike Gator running shorts, my GNC Women's Active Vitamins (on sale-50% off), a pack of Gatorade Perform drink mix (I thought it would be perfect to mix in one of my bottles on my water belt for long runs), an awesome Nike Dri-FIT hat (perfect especially in this heat), and my dad got me the EA Energy Armour band (some wrist band that improves balance, strength, and even known to help improve running strides-the demonstration was cool and worked so I'll try it!) Overall, I got alot of great stuff. Whenever I buy new running gear it gets me excited to go running again, so I cant wait for tomorrows long run!
Going back to Thursday, I did get up early for my 6-miler. I had a quick pb and sandwich thin and headed out with my water belt and towel. I was nervous because I havent really pushed myself and I just wanted to see if I was still capable of the distance. It wasnt as hot as normal, so I knew the conditions were right. I didnt want to worry about time, so I just wanted to go out there with a clear mind and go. I ran the entire time, and completed in 1hr 24min. Its not very quick, but now I know I can do it and it makes me feel good going forward training for this half! I felt great afterwards once I had my protein shake, but I was a bit of a mess. I took a picture because I ran through grass, had dirt and mud on me, I felt like a tough athlete!

hard to see, but my legs were covered in dirt, I felt legit!

So, after extra-lean turkey burgers and watching the Jags game tonight I will head to bed-got to be up early for an 8 mile run out on the trails!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Job Changes

I've been away from the blog, but I've been a little busy. Friday was my last day at Football Fanatics. I went to lunch with my co-workers and they got me an edible arrangement which was super nice, considering I only worked there for about 7 weeks. I had some issues over the weekend and had to go to the doctor on Tuesday, so running got put on hold. Monday I started my new job and I feel a bit uncomfortable. It sucks to be the new girl and have no one to talk to, but I'm trying. I decided that I really cant skip on the training, so 2 miles wouldnt kill me on Tuesday.
Today, however I found out I have an interview with Allstate in a few days. I am really excited becasue its a reputable company who I could start a long term career with. I wuld have the opportunity to work my way up and set up a promising future. I guess I will see how it goes. Tomorrow I've got a 6 miler on the training schedule. Hoping to just give it my all and run the whole thing. We will see tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is it sad when the most important part of my day is cooking dinner?
Honestly, sitting at a desk all day and logging product isnt my favorite thing and I cherish the times I get off at a decent time and get to cook dinner for the fam. I love cooking and trying new things, especially healthy recipes. It always proves to me that eating right is delicious and just enjoyable to do. I got to leave work around 6 tonight and I knew dinner was going to be homemade Mexican! I decided on chicken fajitas.
The process went as follows:
just finished cutting the chicken into strips
fresh sliced green, red, yellow peppers-the colors look amazing!

chicken and peppers, simmering in taco seasoning and a little chili powder for that extra kick!

the finished product-chicken, peppers, red beans, brown rice, lettuce, low-fat cheese, hot sauce all on a low-calorie multi-grain wrap! YUM!
I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and I love the satisfaction that I made it. Dad was impressed too since he is new to the eating/working out lifestyle change. Overall, a success today because I got in my 2 miles this morning. Ran it in about 17 minutes and felt pretty good afterwards. I had a Myoplex shake while I got ready for work and I'm shocked at how full it kept me. I ate again before work because I knew I needed the fuel, but the shake really kept me full and energized, not to mention the protein I got after the run. I think I will stick to that, especially after Thursday's 7 miler.
Tomorrows plan: (since I dont have to be at work until noon, thank you lord) is to get up about 8 and do some strength training and then make a big breakfast for me and the boyfriend.
Ok, until tomorrow!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Crispers and Cross-Training

This morning I woke up energized to continue half-marathon training, but its an off day for running so I slept in a little before work. I had a lean pocket breakfast and skim milk for breakfast and left for work.
For lunch, I was not feeling the salad I packed, so some co-workers and I went to Crispers. I have not been in awhile and I was pleasantly surprised! I got a half southwest chicken sandwich on multi-grain break and black bean/sausage soup-DELISH! When the food came out they accidentally gave me tomato bisque soup and instead of taking it they let me keep it. I decided to take it home and have that with my salad for tomorrows lunch. I left lunch completely satisfied and happy. I had energy and was not stuffed.
Work went by quick, and I came home to a good dinner. Salmon, brown rice, and fresh broccoli-so good. Anyone who says eating healthy doesnt taste good is dead wrong! Its not a diet its a lifestyle change and once you get into the routine and mindset, it is a great thing!
After dinner I got the family to go to the Y. We stayed up there for 45 minutes doing strength training. I figure on days when I dont run that will be what I do. Strength training will only help my running. This week should be intense in terms of the running schedule. I have 2 miles tomorrow, 7 miles on Thursday, and 8 on Sunday. I'm looking forward to see how my body handles this week!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 races, 24 hours=Tour de Pain Finisher!

What an exhausting 24 hours! I did it though, I completed my first Tour de Pain! When I first signed up I really didnt think it would be that hard, but I was dead wrong! I'll break down how the races went for me:

Friday-4 mile beach run: Toughest race of my life! Within 5 minutes I was cramping and it never went away. I have never really had to walk during a race, but I would say I walked alot of this one! I would slow down and the cramp would go away and once I started running it was back. It was more than frustrating. Once I finished though, I could not catch my breath and I felt nauseous for awhile. For a minute I had decided I didnt want to run Saturday morning because of how bad I felt, but naturally thats feeling didnt last.

Saturday morning-5K: Much better than the night before. It was incredibly hot and humid, but thats typical here. I started to feel a cramp come on in the beginning, but I knew if I made it to mile 1 I could finish. I stayed back behind my mom most of the race and in the end had the energy to sprint to the finish! I was hot and tired, but overall I felt 100% better than the night before.

Saturday afternoon-1 mile Sizzler: I thought this would be easy, but by the time 3 heats had gone by and it was time for mine I knew a 10-12 minute mile wouldnt cut it. I decided to push myself and see what happened. I started and immediately my legs felt heavy and the mental and physical battle of the past 2 races was very present. At this point it was all I could do not to stop and crawl to the finish. I crossed the line at 9:15 and couldnt have been happier. I was happy it was over and I had done all 3. I grabbed my medal and ran off to find Cody and my family.

Overall, I loved and hated every minute of these races. I dont think theres any way to prepare mentally for this series. The distances dont seem far, but it really is alot on your body physically and mentally. I plan to continue running in the Tour de Pain, but it will probably be one of the toughest races of the year. Running in this makes me feel accomplished, but also like I want to be 100% prepared for the Marine Corp 1/2 marathon this October!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Training for the Pain

So, I havent blogged in awhile so heres whats been going on:
I have the Tour de Pain this weekend-this is 3 races in 24 hours. It will break down like so: Friday night a 4 mile run on the beach, Saturday morning a 3 mile run, and Saturday afternoon a 1 mile sizzler! It should be tough for my body, especially the beach run. Its one thing to do one race, but 3 in 24 hours will be a new experience. I'm excited and nervous for the challenge!
Also, I have been offered 2 jobs this week. I know I am working for Football Fanatics, but on a seasonal possible full-time basis. After talking to my boss and having the uncertainty of whether or not a full-time position will be available I'm still not sure what to do. I know I need to make the best decision for me, but I'm not sure what that is yet. I think all the running this weekend will be theraputic.
Either way-hoping for a possible new decision in life and great new challenge this weekend!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boo to the Flu!

So, at work on Friday I started to notice that I wasnt feeling 100%. My throat felt a little rough, but I thought I would be fine. After work Cody and I went out to Bahama Breeze for a yummy dinner and drinks! We had a good time, but once we were home I really wasnt feeling good. I woke up Saturday feling sick, but I had to go to work. I pushed through work until 3 and then came home to pass out. The just of my weekend has been me laying on the couch and Cody bringing me gatorade/mashed potatoes/soup. My plan was to try and get up this morning and go to bootcamp with Ash at the HIT center, but after a restless night with a sore throat I knew that wasnt happening this morning. I woke Cody up to go to Solantic with me where I found out I have the flu. I cant workout or go to work until Wednesday, which is so frustrating! I had such an intense week last week and now to start like this. I want to be able to keep up with my training schedule without having roadblocks. I guess the best thing to do take care of my body and get it ready to start up again Wednesday. I'm just going stir crazy sitting around! Oh well..back to my gatorade and movies!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Friday

What a week of workouts!! I am so happy to say that I have had an intense week in the gym! Thursday I got up and headed out for my run with Ash and my mom. I wasnt sure with the time how far we could get, but we got in an awesome 4.2 miler. Once I hit the first mile its like my mind goes blank and my body instictively moves on its own. I dont feel the pain just the excitement of going further. Overall, a great training run!

This morning I got up a little late for bootcamp at the HIT center, but I was determined to get there! Once there we found out it was "fun friday" and I knew it couldnt be good! We had to run with weights from end to end with pushups, squats, lunges, anything really in between running with our weights. (Run with two drop them off, run back, exercise, run back grab one weight, run back exercise, run back grab the other, rest for 1 min) That was done a total of 8 times, followed by ab work. Lets just say by the end of it my legs were dripping with sweat! I wasnt sure in the beginning that I could do it. In fact, I was more than ready to walk out the door, but I pushed through. Ash helped with that and we talked each other through it. I'm so glad I did that this morning. Now I can go have an awesome Friday!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Yes! I got exactly what I was looking for this morning at the HIT center. Ashley and I got there and I was very nervous! Once we got signed in we met our trainer and he threw us right into the bootcamp group. There was no special introduction, what are your goals, how is life talk-nope get in the sand pit was more like it! We sweated and gave it all we had for a solid hour and when we were done I felt awesome! I was exhausted, sweaty, pumped, and yes a bit nauseous all at once. Overall, we decided to go back Friday and use our free week of bootcamp until next Wednesday! I think this is what I needed to help keep me accountable.

Other than that work was actually busy today. They finally realized that the hours arent working like they are supposed to, so now I will work normal 8:30 to 5:30, with the option of overtime. I am thankful I have the opportunity to work as much as I do, but it is also nice to be able to leave at a decent time. It is also an opportunity to run at night instead of 6 in the morning.

Well I plan on feeling sore tomorrow, but the training schedule says 5 miles, so 5 it is!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

High Intensity Training

After, a bit of a crazy weekend, it was time to start the week off right! Besides seeing a movie and a lunch out, it was relaxing outside of a Friday night at the Monk. I dont think I will be going back there any time soon, just due to the fact that its time I buckle down even on the weekends.

On Monday I got an email for a free week of bootcamp at this high intensity training center or HIT center. I found out about this place during the River Run expo, but wanted to wait until I moved home to try it out. Since I havent felt really pushed in my workouts (besides running) since I left my personal trainer in Gainesville I decided it was time to really step outside my comfort zone. So tomorrow my biffle Ashley and I will be meeting a trainer for our first bootcamp session! I'm nervous, but ready to have the exhausted, nauseous, amazing workout feeling! Hopefully I get that tomorrow!

Also, last night I registered for the Tour de Pain. It is 3 races in 24 hours-the first is a 4 mile beach run on Friday night, then a 3-mile run Saturday morning, ending with a 1-mile sizzler Saturday afternoon-so 8 miles, 3 races, 24 hours! Can't wait! Its the weekend of August 13th and 14th and it will be my first race since Memorial Day weekend. I'm excited bc I have missed the exhilaration of racing and I'm so ready to jump back in, plus it will be good training for the half marathon! Ok off to get a good nights sleep before bootcamp in the morning!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Peer Pressure

Well, it has been one exhausting, but exciting week! I have loved every minute of having my nephew here, but kids are tiring! Between working 11 hour days and coming home to swim, play video games, or have house-wide pillow fights, I am wiped out. On top of it all I have been exercising and eating healthy. The conclusion I have come to is that it is not easy alone!

I say this because that has felt like my experience this week. Luckily, Cody went with whatever I chose to do, but still I feel like peer pressure was in my face every day this week. I mentioned it Monday how everyone had ribs and macaroni while I had grilled chicken and brown rice. Well that pattern only continued as the week progressed. It went from ribs to spaghetti, leftovers, ice cream, soda, candy, pizza, burgers, the list goes on. I would do great all day at work and then walk in the door to junk for dinner. It was all so tempting after a long day to give in to what was on the table or to make an excuse for why I "deserved" to treat myself, but every day I pushed through. Whether it was making my own dinner or going somewhere to get something healthy rather than have pizza I did it. But,let me just say it is no fun by yourself. To watch 4 people say "yeah lets get pizza" and have to be the one to mentally battle to make the right choice is hard. Food to me is a comfort, an addiction maybe. I eat when I'm bored or upset and any other emotion. So, to be the only one in my family to say "no I cant have that" is really a challenge. It's not that I dont want it, but my body doesnt need it. By saying "i cant have it" rather than "ughh I shouldnt" are two different things. Saying "I cant" is almost like feeling as if your body physically can not take the food. The truth is though, your body isnt taking the food well, hence why it turns to fat and only makes you feel tired and sluggish.

Again, this happened tonight. I walked into the family swimming and grilling burgers. Naturally they had the best, bubba burgers. Of course there were turkey burgers stuffed away in the freezer for me, but no one cared to make them. It was a fight not to give in and eat the already cooked, 480 calorie Bubba Burger, but fight I did. I not only ate the turkey burger, but got Cody, my dad and mom to eat them as well. I got frustrated and had to break some Jillian attitude on them to be heard, but I finally asked for help. I had to make it clear what type of journey I'm on and ask for support in it. By yourself it is easy to falter and lose sight of the goal, but there is nothing wrong with telling someone how you feel and asking for the help. No one should fight this alone. Obesity and weight loss are tough, whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, the journey isnt easy, bottom line.

It has just been a tough week mentally to stay on track, but I have and I am so proud. Tomorrow I hope to continue that with a 5 mile morning run. I just needed to vent because it has been a struggle and it happens, but anyone can do it, especially with help!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Case of the Mondays...

Nothing to exciting to talk about today, just another Monday! I did not want to get up this morning, especially since my nephew Lucas is here! I feel like I'm missing out on so much time with him.This working 8:30 am to 7 pm thing is not so great. The paycheck is nice, but this is one of those weeks I wish I was unemployed!
Either way, I got through the day eating healthy and came home to an amazing dinner. The boys cooked ribs all day. They had ribs, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and garlic bread, but since I am training I avoided the good stuff. Instead they grilled me chicken, made brown rice, and had me fresh green beans. It was tough to watch everyone enjoy food like that, but when it was over and everyone felt sickly full I felt content and even better knowing I made the right choice for me and my body. After dinner it was time to swim with Lucas and Cody. Since I hadnt done any weight training today, I took the opportunity to swim some laps. I got Lucas to make a game out of it and he had fun racing me. It is a prime example of how even if you work 11 hours, have family in town and think there is no time to work out, it can be worked into any situation. Now I can go to bed knowing I got my cross-training in and got to spend quality time with my nephew. Tomorrow is another day of work and working out-Ashley is coming over for a 2 miler in the morning. Oh speaking of Ashley-my biffle got into nursing school today which is her dream and I am so proud of her!! I know what it is like to want something and finally get it. She will be an amazing nurse!!
Ok-off to bed early!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The weekend I needed

What a weekend! Friday I got out of work on time and got to go do dinner and drinks with Cody and his cousins. After that I thought it would be fun to head up to "the Monk" and continue the evening...not such a great idea. The point is that lately I have been slipping on taking care of me and with that I noticed emotionally I'm not as tough with the Jon thing as I thought. I mean to this day I cant say what happened I say the "Jon thing/situation" It is something I need to work on for myself and those close to me. I remember training for the River Run and feeling so good about myself and my body. Since then though I have slipped and stayed in a comfortable place, not gaining, but staying within a 3 lb range. My goal was not this weight or this shape. I have more goals and things to achieve and its time I get back on the horse and take care of me. Cody has moved and has a job here, I'm working and we are settled so no more excuses.

After that was decided on an emotional Saturday morning, Cody took my car to get an oil change and then we headed to the mall. What was supposed to be a quick spicy chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A turned into a 3 hour stroll/shopping adventure. Time got away from us and we had a great time buying clothes and walking around laughing together. After spending a little of my hard-earned first paycheck, we came home to nap. Then it was date night-dinner at La Nop and a movie, Grown-ups. Dinner was great and I enjoyed it a last splurge. Eating like that will only hinder my training process, but I enjoyed one last night. The movie was hilarious and we were exhausted by the time we got home.

Now to this morning, just what I needed. I was exhausted when my alarm went off, but I was determined to not let down my new running buddy, especially on our fist run. I was a bit nervous to run with someone new, you never know what level they are at physically, but it was great. We went to the old CSX trail. It was awesome, parts of it shaded and cut into the trees, complete with bikers, rollerbladers, walkers and even some wildlife. Everyone was so friendly, it felt like we were part of a elite club-athletes. I had to remind myself that I was one now and I had forgotten how great it felt. All those people out there cared about something like I did, their health. It's a nice feeling to be side by side with people who get your goals and struggles, even if all you say is a passing 'good morning'. We ended up doing a total of 6 miles, which was my distance goal on my training schedule. We did a sort of run/walk interval, but the walking was minimal. I left the run drenched and wiped out, but still had the runnning high I missed so much. I continued the rest of my day in the same way as this morning, taking care of business. Had my breakfast bowl then got a jump on cleaning and organizing Cody's and my stuff. Moving our life into 2 rooms in my parents house is no easy feat, but I'm grateful we have this opportunity to save money. Then after my lunch of grilled chicken, brown rice, and green beans I anxiously awaited for my dad and nephew to get home from the airport. He's here now and it has been non-stop. From video games, to swimming complete with biggest splash/cannonball contests, to pillow fights I feel like I've been working out all day. I know I will be sore tomorrow, but in a good way I havent felt in awhile! Sadly, I have to work, but I'm getting up early to hit the gym for some weight training! If this week goes anything like this weekend its going to be great!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I feel like today was the beginning of my half marathon training again. I forced myself up and met up with Ash for our 2 mile run. I also forced myself to look at the training schedule that I have conveniently avoided and to my surprise i have a 5 mile run tomorrow. I havent run that since the River Run training. I'm nervous, but again its mental and I know my body can handle it! Now that I'm kicking my training up, I know I need to be on top of my eating and there are 2 things that are must haves:
1. Jimmy Dean D-Lights Breakfast Bowls
(LOVE these-perfect after workout meal-has turkey sausage and egg whites for protein, low fat cheese for dairy, and potatoes for those good carbs-all around great meal!)
2. GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active Vitapaks
(perfect pre-packaged vitamins for the active woman)
These two things are a staple to my training. Now its off to bed, I have a 5-miler in a few hours!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So lately I have been in a bit of a rut. I have been eating healthy, yet the exercise has not been happening. I know the half marathon is coming up, but I have been putting my running on the back burner. This is the toughest part of a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to say the goals you have, but actually doing them is another. The mental aspect of of being an athlete is hardest part. I know I can push my body to do it, but mentally I'm having a hard time pushing past my comfort zone. I keep telling myself 'theres always tomorrow' but with half marathon training that really isnt the case. I either need to step up or check out of this race (which I refuse to do)! So tomorrow I will be up at 5:30 for a 3-mile run!

I know this is a problem everyone encounters at some point and I feel like the best way to handle it is to admit that you are suffering from this. From there its time to break the barriers push your mind and body, with this anyone, myself included, can do anything!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok-I'm so behind on blogging-quick recap
1. got a job
2. left the internship (so sad i miss my michelle and lorraine)
3. half marathon training is harder than i thought bc i've had something going on every weekend!
4. i'm ready to get back in gear and get serious before it gets to late in the training

now for a weekend in gainesville to help codykins paint/pack up our apt!

I WILL do a better job of blogging!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Girls Weekend

I really dont have much time to post, just wanted to write about what I'm doing this weekend. Ashley and I are off on a road trip to Charleston!!! We are going to see our friend Rachel, since her bday was yesterday. I really can't wait to get there and have a great time. It is a much needed trip for us all, so yay about to get on the road!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finding My Groove

I am in week 2 of half marathon training, and though it is starting small, I'm feeling good. I honestly feel like I'm getting my running groove back. Last week was a bit rocky. It seemed that every time I would start, I would cramp up. My mind wasnt in the right place, so my body wasnt as a result. But, this week is a different story! I am following the schedule pretty strictly and so far this week we have only had 2 mile runs. Normally, we would have the long run (being 3 this week) on Sunday, BUT my biffle Ashley and I will be in Charleston visiting our good friend Rachel (CANT WAIT), so we will be doing our 3 mile run tomorrow.
Though the temperature has been hotter than satans toenail, my mind has just been letting go when I'm running. I dont feel my legs making the steps, they just are. I know it is only two short runs, but it gives me confidence that my body is ready for this!
Other than that, the job hunt continues. All I can do is apply and be hopeful. I'm trying to not worry about it and today I feel at peace with it. Maybe it is because I have a great weekend coming up. Either way, I'm having a great Wednesday-off to the internship!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I think I just need to vent!
I've been searching for jobs, and been offered 2, but nothing in what I want to do. Lately, the only places calling me are sales positions for marketing companies which are commission only, or insurance companies who want me to sell life insurance. I DO NOT WANT TO SELL! I don't know how many more interviews I can go on only to feel let down by the company. I want stability, salary, and heck, I like corporate America! I don't have the need to be an entrepreneur, so someone please hire me so I can start this new part of my life. I'm getting nervous my internship will end and I will be stuck with nothing...

On another note, I'm pushing myself hard this week in the gym and eating. I found these amazing pre-made salads at Publix last night with calorie content right on top. I know to be weary of salads, especially pre-made, but it was the perfect portion and it was only 280 calories. Today was lettuce, spicy chicken, corn, cheese, tortillas, and salsa ranch dressing..YUM! Inspired by that, since I'm home alone this week, I'm testing out some new marinades on chicken and tonight is Tequila Lime! I want to have the chicken made so I can have it for dinners/lunches this week!
Now I'm done venting and being happy about the little things. I just need to learn to relax, maybe I will start working on that!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Winds of Change

So, alot has gone on lately, especially in the last 6 months. Some tragic, but some good. I've done my best to cope with it all and take it in stride, but lately I've had some nervous energy.

My internship ends in august, so in the meantime I've been thinking about jobs and my future, one that includes Cody as well. Ultimately, we would love to stay in Jacksonville, but that is to be seen. Lately I have been putting my resume anywhere and everywhere I can. I got an interview last week, but the job seemed to be a sales position with a company that seemed less than professional. When I got offered a second interview I wasn't convinced to go. Then this morning I get another email about a job interview. Its with a private consulting firm doing marketing work for their clients. It sounds well and good, then they ask me to come in tomorrow and work with an executive. I agree, but I cant help but feel so anxious. Is it something I want to do? Will I be happy here? I'm terrified to make the wrong decision. I keep telling myself this isn't a forever career, but its the start of a whole new chapter in my life and I'm scared as heck! Then I wonder if I'm being too picky. I think I just finally felt comfortable in my internship and now the possibility to leave is on the horizon. I have never dealt well with change and clearly at 23 I still don't. I guess I will have to go with my gut on this and see how tomorrow works out.

My plan is to start the day off with a run and workout with Ashley. We start training for our half marathon this week. Hopefully the running will help me get a hold of my thoughts. All I can do is go one day at a's to tomorrow!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Turn of Events

So, my weekend didnt go exactly as planned. In fact, I would say better.
I didn't make it to the gym Saturday morning, but I managed to read some Breaking Dawn and get ready for lunch with Cody's mom, Debbie. We went to Don Juans because, well, we both love Mexican! It was delicious and since we are working on our relationship we were talking and Cody happened to call on his break from work. He asked when I was leaving for Gville and then said why dont you try to get my mom to come (since it was his cousins grad party and all of her sisters and family would be there). All it took was me asking and one trip to the mall and we were off! We picked out a new outfit for Debbie and packed our bags. We got to Gville around 8 and stayed at the party until about midnight. It was alot of fun seeing Cody's family. I didnt realize how much I missed Gainesville until then.

Sunday Cody got up early and went to work. I went out for Starbucks to wake me up and then Debbie and I lounged all morning and just talked about everything. Once we started moving it was time to get ready to meet Cody for lunch. We went to Cracker Barrel and 2 of his aunts met us there. Breakfast sounded like an excellent idea and I enjoyed it. After lunch cody had to leave for work and we decided to get on the road home. It was a quick trip, but I enjoyed the time with Debbie because I feel like our relationship is getting somewhere.

Once I got home the parents decided to grill some hamburgers and hotdogs and just relax. We spent the evening eating and watching one of my favorite shows Bridezillas. A good end to an unexpected weekend!

Now today, work was busy, but with one boss out it was nice! Katie came and had lunch with me, my dad, and the other 2 interns. We went to some hole in the wall place called Angie's Subs-delicious! Tonight will consist of dinner, training my dad for his race, and watching Secret Life (guilty pleasure). Tomorrow will be busy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moonlight Movie

What a long week! after an intense week at the internship, I was pretty concerned about last night's Moonlight Movie event. I actually prayed for rain since we would be without one intern, but of course the clouds passed and it was sunny and hot! The event went surprisingly well with Ashley (intern) and I working it and our boss stayed fairly calm. I got home around 10 and relaxed with mom and watched the end of the Gator baseball regional game, which we won! After that it was bed-time!

today, my plan was to get up for body-pump, but my body must have needed the sleep! My plan now is possible small run, get ready, then lunch with Cody's mom at Don Juan's. (I am reaching out trying to make an effort here) then later, I plan to head to Gainesville to visit my long-lost boyfriend! I sure will be glad when he moves home!

working out wise, this has been a tough week. I think with it being so short I got thrown off. either way I got some working out in while training my dad, and 1 morning session with Ashley and my mom. Overall, I lost another l lb this week so, success! On step closer to my goal! Next 5k: next Saturday, Run for the Pies!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back in action!

So, I finally feel things have settled down enough to begin blogging again. As mentioned a million times, I graduated, went on vacay with the boy, and am now back at home! I'm working for the City of Jacksonville Beach-Special Events. So far it has been crazy busy, intense, and a bit most jobs. This one however, is unpaid! Yup, no money-supposedly its the experience and resume building along with "hopeful" job placement. I'm just hoping for the best and trying to get my resume out there!That's it on the work front.

Living back at home has been quite the challenge though. Its been hard to get into a routine with work and the gym. Lately, I've been trying my hardest to get up with my friend Ashley and do the gym at 6 until 7:30 or 8 in the morning. It's been hard, but I slowly but surely getting into a routine. With the eating and weight loss I'm definitely doing ok, I lost the weight I gained during graduation and the cruise. So now, I have 13 more lbs to go and I'm at my goal! Then, on June 14th I start training for my first half marathon!! I am so excited to be doing this, I cannot wait. I also started to train my dad for his first 5K, using the couch to 5K plan. I find that I enjoy training and motivating others, maybe something I should think about once I hit my goal, who knows! Well thats it for now, I plan to be more regualr with this!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, it has been quite awhile since I blogged, but in my defense ALOT has been going on-I graduated, went on a cruise with my love, came back and had a graduation party, then started my summer internship all within 2 weeks! Though I dont have the time now I will come back to my blog-it's just hard when at work I'm writing press releases all day I dont feel like coming home and writing more, but I will make an effort! Plus, I have a new challenge in the running department-more to come! Happy tuesday, off to work!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Graduated and Vacationing!

Ok, so I did it, followed my dream and graduated from THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA! It's still hard to believe its over. The ceremony was long and dare I say anti-climatic. There was no big emotional moment like I thought, only pure happiness and pride in my heart. It meant so much to me that my mom, dad, little sister, auny betty, cousin james, boyfriend, and biffle ash and her bf brian all came to celebrate and enjoy the day with me. I know it wasnt exactly fun, but it blessed my heart for everyone of them to be there! I have alot of pictures, but this is not the time for that. Its the morning of Cody and my vacation, or booze cruise as he is calling it! In about 30 minutes we are heading to Miami to get on a boat! We will be gone for 5 days and after that we have another busy weekend with a graduation party and then I start my internship. Promise that pictures and thorough updates are coming, but now its time to bask in my accomplishment and take a week to relax with my love! After this, real world!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Graduation Eve

So, its the night before the big day-graduation! I am so nervous and excited all at the same time. I'm nervous because I will be walking in with a thousand other people who I do not know. It isnt like high school where you know everyone and you get to walk and sit with your friends, it will be me and some random who I sit next to. I've already started feeling the emotions today. I cannot believe that everything I have worked so hard for is finally coming to an end. I feel like I am actually stepping into the real world and I can only hope I'm ready. I have enjoyed every second in Gainesville, the ups the downs and everything in between. From the first day and very first apartment with my biffle Ash and her oh so sweet gift bucket she made me (which I still have/use) to moving in with Cody to our first place together. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and I am so grateful, its just hard to believe its over. I guess ready or not tomorrow is coming and I will be a graduate of the University of Florida! I guess now I have to find a new goal and dream on!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slow Moving Week

I have thoroughly enjoyed this week so far. Having this time to myself is just what I needed. I get to wake up on my own time, enjoy breakfast, hit the gym whether its training or my own cardio routine, then spend the rest of the time doing what I want, no school no work, just me time.
It was nice on Tuesday to go to Cody's softball game. The team is not so great, but it was fun to be around his co-workers and some of the girlfriends too. After the game we went home showered and headed out to Market Street for some drinks (it was one of his co-workers birthdays). It was reggae night which was interesting, but we had a great time and the band was pretty good. We got home at 2 am and had to be up first thing Wednesday morning to take my car to Mazda for an oil change and full service inspection. 5 hrs of sleep did NOT work, but we both got up to face the day. Of course the dealership found an "issue" with my car that they could handle for a couple hundred dollars same day..what a joke. After I say "no" politely they tell me it can go another month or so, they just wanted to "take care of it for me" or in other words make some money and use the little girl who knows nothing about cars! Either way I went straight to the gym after that for a tough training session. After that a shower and lunch was my afternoon followed by a 3 hour nap. When I got up I realized I should make dinner, whole wheat pasta, sauce and turkey meatballs! Then I did the online check-in for our cruise. I am so excited to take this vacation with Cody, it is our first one just the two of us! We also signed up for our shore excursions which include a pub tour in Key West (walking to famous pubs/bars and sampling their best drinks) and we get a t-shirt! Then on their private island in the Bahamas we are snorkeling-we got the equipment all day and can do it at our leisure, plus an underwater camera! I cannot wait!!
Now on today's agenda-I am taking my clothes to consignment stores and hopefully selling some. Then I'm doing lunch with a co-worker, followed by a little last minute cruise shopping/looking for grad shoes. Then tonight dinner and endurance team. Should be another good day in paradise. 2 DAYS UNTIL I GRADUATE!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playing Catch-up

So, as predicted it was an amazing weekend. So much stuff going on, here's the run down:
After my celebratory butt-kicking with my trainer, I came home and got ready for my parents arrival. They got here and we headed to campus to take graduation pics in my cap and gown. It was fun, but extremely hot and that black gown did not breathe at all! The worst part was, the new black heels I bought and wore cut so deep into my toes that I have one big toe sliced open and the other blistered. After the pictures I looked down and my foot was covered in blood (graphic-sorry). Guess I wont be wearing those shoes again! Besides that it was alot of fun taking pictures all over campus. It still hasnt hit me yet and probably wont until I walk across the stage. Ok, after that we headed to Cody's cousins house and had an awesome dinner and relaxing night over there. We had shrimp and ahi tuna for appetizers (ok seafood hater here, LOVED the tuna), grilled chicken, codys homemade mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies, YUM! The boys ate cheesecake for desert and we went home for the night.

(we took a ton of pics-these are only a few-more on FB)

My mom and I planned to get up early for the gym, but we slept in and opted for the boys to get us Starbucks instead. Cody left for work and we got ready for a day of shopping. Since I have gone down 3 sizes I have nothing that fits anymore. I also start my internship on the 9th and I need nice work clothes. I ended up raiding Express and spending too much (thank goodness for store credit cards), but am extremely happy with what all I got. It was hard to buy things my size because I'm used to hiding behind baggy clothes, but I actually bought things that fit because I need to be proud and stop hiding. Dad took us to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays where I successfully ate salad bar only. Then the rents dropped me off and headed back to Jax. When Cody got home we had dinner and watched ony of my favorite movies-The Mighty Ducks 2. We ended up both falling asleep half way through, but it was a great day.

I got up and headed to another personal training session. It was a good workout and it energized me for my day of nothingness. This was my first Sunday without homeowkr or studying and I took full advantage. I showered and sat lounged around in my pjs watching The Hills marathon and reading Eclipse (which I finished now!). I thought this day was well deserved and when Cody got home we grabbed to-go for dinner, just capitalizing on my laziness! It was a great weekend and the week has been just as enjoyable so far.
Cody and I went and got stuff for our cruise today and decided we will not be renting a car for our drive to Miami next Monday. What a rip off for one way rentals, almost double what it would cost to park at the port for the week, so I'm taking my car to Mazda tomorrow morning to be serviced and just make sure all is clear for the roadtrip. Tonight, Cody has a softball game (he has been begging me to go for weeks) and being that its my last week in Gville I promised I would go. So I will be sitting in the dugout with people I dont know and some I dont like all for love, haha. after we are going to Market Street for one of his co-workers birthdays, should be an interesting evening to say the least. Wow, that was a lot. I guess if I stay on top of this it wont be out of control, I will do better!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Officials

With such a crazy week I've had little time to blog but I must now because some things are official!
1. I am OFFICIALLY done with all my classes, final exams, papers for school. Next Saturday I will be a graduate of the University of Florida! To make things eve better, when I went into my last exam today my professor gave a speech about his college days and how he was hungover for his last final and he got excused because he was a graduating he let all graduating seniors leave without taking the final!! Freedom! I'm so happy, but a little sad because its times like this when I want to tell my closest friends and family, which I did, but one person I cannot tell. I know he is in heaven smiling down on me and is so proud. Because of him I followed my dream no matter what it took (many many attempts of trying to get into UF). I miss my friend, but I'm so proud of myself!

2. Tebow is OFFICIALLY a first round draft pick and will play for the Denver Broncos! I could not be more proud to be a Gator. So many people criticized him and said he wouldnt be a first round draft pick and wondered when or if he would go at all. What people dont realize is that fuels him to work harder, so keep doubting him. Also, the Gators had 3 players go in the first round-Joe Haden, Maurkice Pouncey, and Timothy Tebow! So proud-thank goodness I can still wear orange and blue, but either way Cody already ordered me a Broncos shirt!
Now that I have announced my officials for the day, I will go meet my trainer and get a celebratory butt kicking in the gym! After that the parents will be here to take graduation pictures. This is going to be a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finals, Papers, and Fitness-oh my!

I decided to write this morning, since tonight will be very busy with studying and writing a term paper. I just got out of one of my last classes at UF, with a teacher I was not too fond of, so I am ecstatic to be done!! Going backwards-yesterday I had a good personal training session, focused alot on balance and core strength. I felt pretty strong yesterday, so all in all a good fitness day. The problem I am having this week involves my meals. Having so much to do this week to finish school cooking dinner is just one more thing I can't do. I dont mind eating out, but its so hard to find places where I can count my calories. I do love because it lists calories for food and alot of restaurants. We had Chipotle last night and I enjoyed my burrito bowl consisting of rice, black beans, chicken, corn, lettuce, and a little hot salsa. So yummy, and only 405 calories! Luckily Cody is ok with eating out since I have so much to do, I think tonight is Ruby Tuesday salad-delish!
The rest of my day will be tanning, lunch, going to my FINAL class at UF, working out (either abs/glutes on bosu or running), then writing a term paper and studying for 2 exams! Oh and tonight is my favorite for tv-Biggest Loser, so inspiring-if they can do it I can too. Only 14 more lbs to go! Happy Tuesday and stay motivated!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back on Track

Well work was not sad, I didnt let it become that way. I went to lunch at Flying Biscuit with Janet, Tara, and Mallory. It was good, but I saved myself for my cake when we got back to the office. It was hilarious when the office broke out into song with "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" followed up by "We Are the Boys..", oh good times. We had cake and I finished everything on my desk and then left. I told everyone I would be back next week to say bye, I just wasnt in the mood to be sad on Friday. Either way I am officially done working in Gainesville, woohoo!
When I got home Cody and I went shopping for his work party. Our plans were to go to dinner at the Top with his co-worker Pedro and then go to the party (which required us to dress up)
For the first time in 3 years I bought and wore a strapless dress. I was so self-conscious, but Cody reassured me and told me just to be proud of how far I've come. Dinner was good and the party was quite entertaining. Cody's co-workers like to party and get very drunk, we people watched most of the time and just laughed and danced most of the night. One girl who met me in December at the company chrustmas party came up to me and told me how great I looked and asked how much weight I lost. We talked about it for a while and it made me feel good. It's moments like that which make it all worthwhile. The reassurance that someone noticed really made my night, so I'm doing something right.
us before the party

Saturday Cody and I both woke up with headaches. It's weird I guess 2 drinks and staying up to 2 will do that to you-I think we are getting older, haha. He went to work alll day and I took the day off from the gym (again) because of my headache and back pain. I organized all the clothes I'm getting rid of and went and got my hair cut. I'm happy with it, though its short, but I'm thinking new me, new job, new look. Then I went shopping. It's not as much fun by yourself and I still have trouble knowing what size I am. I called my mom and we decided that when her and my dad come this Friday they will help me shop. I need work clothes for the new job, and just everyday wear, its harder than I thought to buy a new wardrobe, not to mention expensive! I worked around the house then made a healthy dinner-though I was SO set on cheating and eating Mexican last night. Cody put me back on track and we ate in and watched Trading Places with Eddie Murphy-hilarious!

Now today-week 115 weigh-in:
I lost........2 LBS!!! YAY! Thank goodness because I was frustrated after last week. I know after next weeks weigh in I'm supposed to stop, but I'm not at goal, so I'm not giving up. 14 more lbs and I will be where I want and back to whats normal for my body. As soon as I weighed this morning I hit the gym and 10am cycle. After that I did some of the seated row machine and headed out. My treat to myself was a small starbucks drink to go with breakfast. Its enough of a treat without over indulging, so I'm happy. The rest of my Sunday will be spent inside with Sheila preparing for finals and writing papers-come on last week of school!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Push Through the Pain

I hate being hurt. I hate feeling like I cant do something. I dont work so hard every day of the week to feel like I need to slow down. I do it to push myself and my body in order to reach the goals I have set for myself. This whole time it hasnt been anything outrageous. My main goal has been to lose weight, get healthy, and run. I've done all of these, but not completely. I still have weight to lose which will make me more healthy and I have a half marathon to do!

While training yesterday I did a weight lifting move wrong. I was completely atfault-instead of squating I leaned forward and strained my lower back. It feels like someone kicked me in my lower back and it hurts to even bend over the sink and brush my teeth. For me, I refuse to let this stop me, but other people in my life think its a sign to slow down and not "push myself." I know that advice is right too, but I hate hate hate feeling held back! I'm finally starting to feel good about myself and I dont need to have setback. Just a little frustrated and needed to vent.

On a lighter note I pushed through endurance team today and feel good that I got a workout in. Tomorrow I will take the day off and give my muscles a day to relax..I guess. Tomorrow is also my LAST DAY AT WORK! I'm feeling mixed emotions because the opportunity to work where I do has been amazing. I've been able to make my own schedule and have weekends off my entire time at UF and I'm so thankful. I am also ready to get a 2 week break from it before I start the next chapter of my life in the real world. So as happy as I am, tomorrow will be a little sad and I will miss the people I work with. Maybe I will feel differently tomorrow...we will see

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holy Headache!

That is the story of my day today, headaches or should I say migraines. If you have never had a migraine than you are extremely lucky, but I am blessed with them about as frequently as my "gift from mother nature" (haha I know tmi), but seriously about once a month or more if I'm stressed. With all of my final papers and exams coming up in such a small amount of time, just thinking about it gives me a headache.

It was at work around noon that I started thinking about the 8 page paper I had to write tonight, can we say procrastination. Anyways I tried to get it out of my head, but subconsciously it stuck and by 2:30 I was getting extremely light sensitive and nauseous. I went home and took the opportunity to lay under the covers with my amazing Brookstone Tension-Relieveing Mask. Seriously this mask is the greatest gift I've ever received-it subtly massages your temples while making a soothing sound. Its also on a 15 min timer so it doesnt drain the battery.I've had it for 3 years and i couldnt live without it!!
After that and some Excedrin I was off to the gym for personal training. Justin took one look at me and knew something was wrong, I even teared up, but said I had to work the stress out. Thats exactly what we did. I felt so strong today and I can feel a difference in my body and my clothes and I'm truly starting to be happy with myself, no matter what the scale says this weekend.

After the workout I had a delicious Yoplait triple berry smoothie-so good and only 110 calories for half, I split it with Cody (the only way he eats fruit!). Then it was shower and time to focus on the paper. Luckily I outlined what I wanted to write about last night, so I wrote it alot quicker than I thought. It took about 3 1/2 hours including dinner time, not bad. So now I will relax with my boyfriend and sleeeeep! I will need it to get through this weekend and following week!