Monday, June 14, 2010

The Winds of Change

So, alot has gone on lately, especially in the last 6 months. Some tragic, but some good. I've done my best to cope with it all and take it in stride, but lately I've had some nervous energy.

My internship ends in august, so in the meantime I've been thinking about jobs and my future, one that includes Cody as well. Ultimately, we would love to stay in Jacksonville, but that is to be seen. Lately I have been putting my resume anywhere and everywhere I can. I got an interview last week, but the job seemed to be a sales position with a company that seemed less than professional. When I got offered a second interview I wasn't convinced to go. Then this morning I get another email about a job interview. Its with a private consulting firm doing marketing work for their clients. It sounds well and good, then they ask me to come in tomorrow and work with an executive. I agree, but I cant help but feel so anxious. Is it something I want to do? Will I be happy here? I'm terrified to make the wrong decision. I keep telling myself this isn't a forever career, but its the start of a whole new chapter in my life and I'm scared as heck! Then I wonder if I'm being too picky. I think I just finally felt comfortable in my internship and now the possibility to leave is on the horizon. I have never dealt well with change and clearly at 23 I still don't. I guess I will have to go with my gut on this and see how tomorrow works out.

My plan is to start the day off with a run and workout with Ashley. We start training for our half marathon this week. Hopefully the running will help me get a hold of my thoughts. All I can do is go one day at a's to tomorrow!

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