Monday, June 7, 2010

Turn of Events

So, my weekend didnt go exactly as planned. In fact, I would say better.
I didn't make it to the gym Saturday morning, but I managed to read some Breaking Dawn and get ready for lunch with Cody's mom, Debbie. We went to Don Juans because, well, we both love Mexican! It was delicious and since we are working on our relationship we were talking and Cody happened to call on his break from work. He asked when I was leaving for Gville and then said why dont you try to get my mom to come (since it was his cousins grad party and all of her sisters and family would be there). All it took was me asking and one trip to the mall and we were off! We picked out a new outfit for Debbie and packed our bags. We got to Gville around 8 and stayed at the party until about midnight. It was alot of fun seeing Cody's family. I didnt realize how much I missed Gainesville until then.

Sunday Cody got up early and went to work. I went out for Starbucks to wake me up and then Debbie and I lounged all morning and just talked about everything. Once we started moving it was time to get ready to meet Cody for lunch. We went to Cracker Barrel and 2 of his aunts met us there. Breakfast sounded like an excellent idea and I enjoyed it. After lunch cody had to leave for work and we decided to get on the road home. It was a quick trip, but I enjoyed the time with Debbie because I feel like our relationship is getting somewhere.

Once I got home the parents decided to grill some hamburgers and hotdogs and just relax. We spent the evening eating and watching one of my favorite shows Bridezillas. A good end to an unexpected weekend!

Now today, work was busy, but with one boss out it was nice! Katie came and had lunch with me, my dad, and the other 2 interns. We went to some hole in the wall place called Angie's Subs-delicious! Tonight will consist of dinner, training my dad for his race, and watching Secret Life (guilty pleasure). Tomorrow will be busy!

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  1. No day that includes Angie's Subs can be bad!