Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm That Person...

Well, I've done it. I've become "that" person, the paranoid home buyer. This past weekend our cabinets and countertops were put in. As soon as we walked in on Saturday I knew they were wrong. The cabinets were not the height they were supposed to be and the counters were the wrong color. The bf tried to convince me otherwise, but nooo I could not be swayed. Instead, we had to drive 15 minutes out of the way to the home studio to look for myself at the options we selected back in March. I walked out relieved and defeated. I was wrong, of course I was. I have honestly forgotten the colors and selections we made 4 months ago because I was so worried the house wouldnt work out. Now, every week I convince myself something isnt right. I think this whole process has overwhelmed me and I need to enjoy it. Most of the hard stuff is done, I need to just wait for my closing date and be happy. I dont want to be "that" person, who is worried about everything and calling to check on things every 5 seconds. This week I will work on trying to be calm about the house, and enjoy every visit as it gets closer and closer to moving in and making it our home.

Now that I've aired my worries, and admitted that theres no reason for them, I feel better. I'm going to see the progress at the house tomorrow, so I'll get some pictures!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Wait Is Over!

Ahhhh, I can finally share the GREAT news!!

The bf and I finally got the word from the underwriter-we are approved for first our home loan!!!

I have been waiting for this call since March. From the constant back and forth with the loan counselor, from things looking good then bad, and now the approval we were waiting for.

We started looking at townhomes back in March. Our thought is that even with a home, we would have a yard which is constant up keep along with money. Right now with the bf still in school, we wanted a place that we could own, not one that would own us on the weekends. Thats how we decided on a townhome.

I immediately fell in love with our community as soon as we drove in. It has town homes, single family homes, a few pools, clubhouse, gym, even an elementary school. The community itself sold it. Then the prices along with the options to customize it OUR way and build it from the ground up was an offer we couldnt turn down. We thought it over for maybe a week and then put down our deposit. Ever since we have been paying off debts and saving our pennies. At this point, the house is in the dry wall phase. There are projecting closing on August 17th! This all seems surreal. We picked out our appliances, our cabinets, our floor-everything for our first home. I'm so excited and I'm so relieved to finally enjoy the process!!