Monday, September 27, 2010

It's 1/2 Marathon Week!

It's finally the week of my 1/2 marathon! I'm so glad that its here because a 4 month training schedule is a bit much. I should have stuck with the basic 10 week schedule, because I'm about over the training. I'm ready for the race to be here!

Other than that I have started my new job. I will be training for about a month, which is fine. I really like everyone I work with, so its awesome! That has really kept me busy, and other than training I've been pretty boring. With football season here, my weekends are occupied with that. Oh well, my week will be filled with work and watching what I eat for Saturday, come on race day!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

9 Miles & a New Trainer!

First of all, finding a trainer/new gym is tough! I absolutely loved GHFC and my trainer there, and I knew when I moved back to Jax that it would be difficult, but I didnt know it would be like buying a car! Wednesday the boyfriend and I decided to go check out some gyms (the Y is kind of expensive). We started at the HIT center-the bootcamp is decently priced, but its not catered to the individual, more of a group atmosphere, so you're forced to keep up with different fitness levels. The personal training there was through the roof! Next, we moved on to Just Fitness (one of the locations here) and what a joke. I understand they are still building their gym in Mandarin, but they sit you at a table show you prices and then pressure you like a used car salesman. I asked about personal training, and all I got was Botox barbie in my face trying to intimidate me and trick me into a membership. No thanks, I wont pay $100 today just to get a session with you tomorrow-she gave me no prices and no incentive to go back, ever! (SN: I have been a guest this week to the Just Fitness at a different location, and it is 100% better-I may just join there) Then we went to the Y, just to see about their personal training. I was handed a sheet of paper and told to have a nice day. Again, not helpful. I felt discouraged until I got on FB that night and saw that a guy I went to high school with was training at a gym on Southside. I sent him a message, met him Thursday to talk goals, did a free session, and now I have a trainer! I dont have to join the gym he's at and he is super flexible with payments. Knowing him helps too, because I feel comfortable. Though we were acquaintances in h.s it is cool to be working together now.

I start tomorrow with him twice a week. We will do measurements every month and he's excited because I've been trained before, so in his words we can get straight to "kicking my butt." I know I dont have alot to lose, but I have hit a plateau and need to get these last 15 lbs off. I'm excited and I finally feel back on track since moving back.

On to the 9 miles. With 2 weeks until the 1/2 marathon, the Sunday long runs are peaking and today was a 9. I went to this running/biking trail and set out to get it done. The weather could not have been more perfect. I'm a little upset I didnt bring my camera because there was so much to see, from rabbits to bulls in the middle of the trail, it was a sight. I felt great the entire run. My feet started to hurt a bit at the 7 mile mark, but at that point I was in the zone and I felt like I was on cruise control, so there was no stopping. My time, not as good, but since this will be my first half-marathon, I'm not concerned with that at all. To me, its all about finishing! I feel great and I'm excited to start this next week, a new job, and a new trainer! Life is good-Happy Sunday! Look forward to relaxing and enjoying some football! Heck, maybe the Jags will win today!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Registered!

I know I havent posted in awhile, I guess alot has been going on.
I told my job about my new offer, and said I would stay for a week, but they would rather I go same day since I didnt need to get started on new projects and not be able to finish them. I completely understood and had no problem, so now I have a whole week off! On top of that, football season started and I've been busy between the Gator and Jaguar games.
Today I cleaned, did laundry, and organized my room. I love having things clean and together, it just makes me feel better. The most exciting part of my day was registering for the Marine Corp 1/2 Marathon! I've been officially training for it, but not feeling 100% ready, but now I'm in and I have no choice. I cant believe its about 3 weeks away. These next few weeks of training are going to be intense and I'm ready to kick it into high gear!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exciting Day!

What a day! It started with a little work drama. Before our staff meeting this morning my boss tells me I will be going to Melbourne with him and our manager tomorrow for meetings..ok great! It gets announced at the meeting, business as usual, then
I get told that I am no longer going, someone in the office didnt think it "was fair that the new girl was going" Ok it upsets me a little because I dont understand why grown women are upset and being childish, but ok I wont go. 3:30 rolls around, and I'm going again, geeze!
That doesnt really matter much anymore because I got a call today from Allstate and I got the job I've been interviewing for! This is finally it, the start of my career, not just a job. I will be a full-time, salaried employee, licensed by the state of Florida, ah so excited! I dont know how or when I will leave this job (I start Sept 20th at Allstate) but I'll figure it out over the weekend.
After work I went to 1st Place Sports for new shoes. I brought my old ones just to make sure they were dunzo and boy did I get a rude awakening! Apparently you should replace your running shoes like every 4 months (if youre running on average 20 miles a week) Well I've had these shoes for a year and so yah...they were more than happy to sell me another pair. I got my feet tested and I have a medium arch with pressure on my heels, and more so on my right foot, for whatever reason. Of the 3 pairs I tried, I stuck with Mizuno and got the same type as before, just the newest version.
After that my parents took me to dinner to celebrate. While we waited for a table I went and bought a new Jaguar shirt since I'm going to the game tomorrow night. It was just overall and exciting day! I'm not sure about my running tomorrow though since I have to be at work at 7. I'll just have to make something work!