Saturday, March 19, 2011

GRR Recap

Well I survived yet another Gate River Run.

I was nervous getting up that morning, but stayed calm and had a good breakfast. Once we got downtown I hit that bathrooms then spent my time warming up and trying to shake off the nerves. Once we lined up, I immediately had to pee again. I wasnt sure if it was nerves or if I really had to go. Either way, thats all I could think about. I knew I wasnt going to stop along that race at the port a lets, so I had to run through it.

Starting out the race I was pissed. This year walkers were supposed to start 5 min after the runners, or atleast further back, but I spent the entire first mile or so dodging people walking right into the middle of the road. I mean did they not get the memo?! As I got more furstrated I realized I was wasting alot of energy getting mad, when I needed to focus it and save it for when I needed it.

At mile 2, I hit the Main Street Bridge, and I felt great. I got through the first 5 miles with no problem. My mom, Marie, and I talked the entire time. I even stayed a little bit ahead of them. I kept to my plan and stopped at the water stations along the way so I wouldnt have to at the foot of the Hart Bridge. I saw a friends mom betweenmile 6 and 7 and it gave me the boost that I needed. Right about mile 7 on that long stretch, we all agreed it was almost time for the 'Green Monster' so my turned on our ipods. I put on my running beidge and rounded the corner with the bridge in sight. I was so determined when I got to the foot of it, and I just told myself to take baby steps and not to rush going up, so I wouldnt get winded. I keot running and waited for it to get hard, but it never did. With each step I felt stronger, like I was making up for last year. I finally ran exactly like I wanted to. I wasnt dragging to the finish, I was running this bridge and the last mile of this race exactly like I had hoped for in my head. I even had enough energy to sprint to the finish.

Last year I ran the race in 1:58, and I made my goal which was under 2 hours. This year my goal was 1:45, but a friend said to try for 1:50. Well I met in the middle. My time was 1:47, 11 minutes faster than last year! And I truly feel like it could have been faster if I wasnt dodging walkers half the race. Either way, I ran the race I wanted to and I was thrilled with the outcome!
I enjoyed the free beer after as well-Cheers to another GRR!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Green Monster...Take 2

Am I really ready for the Green Monster again?!

Tomorrow morning is the Gate River Run! I worked a half day today, then picked up my moms best friend (my second mom) from the airport. We headed straight to the Runners Expo. We got our shirts, race bibs and timers, and walked around for some free stuff. On our way there I got a glimpse of the Hart Bridge, aka Green Monster. All I can think of is last year getting to the foot of that bridge and being completely exhausted. I had the hardest time getting up there and had to even walk some along the way. I really want this year to be different. I want to be faster, stronger, and walk away feeling like overall I improved from last year. The Green Monster is the only thing that worries me. Well, that and my overall lack of running recently. Oh well, the GRR is tomorrow, no time to doubt myself. Just have to get it done!

Woohoo, here goes nothing, GRR 2011!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Running Block

So lately running has been hard. I'm talking I cant catch my breath and my legs feel heavy and arent moving like they should. I am struggling. With all that has gone on these last few weeks, running has been on the back burner. I guess I thought I didnt need to train on the weekdays in running and if I could do it on the weekends I'd be ready for the GRR this weekend. Yah...I'm beginnning to think that wasnt so smart. Last week was tough! A 4 mile run kicked my butt. Then my long run on Sunday was hot and exhausting. I couldnt even run the whole thing. I dont know if its mental and alot is on my mind, or if I really do need to keep pushing my self and sticking to my training. Ready or not the GRR is on Saturday and I really had big goals this year. I almost dont want to put them out there for fear I wont achieve them. I guess since I started running about a year and a half ago, I just picked it up and got better and better. It was something that through all the sadness and craziness in life, I had control over. Now I dont feel like I do. I need to try and get it back because I miss it. Running used to free my mind and give me so many emotions. Now I fight and struggle for every step. I need to pull it together, and quick. I am running the race Saturday and I dont want to feel let down. Hoping to find myself this week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From Numb to Pain...I'm Over It

Well I lied. I said sore gums or not, I'd be at the gym. That did not happen.

This morning, my mouth didnt look right. To spare you the gory details, I'll just say there was blood and my gums were still very swollen. I ended up rushing back to the dentist, only to find out that during the cleaning yesterday they cut my gums and there is some tissue damage. They are still swollen and very sore. After all the emotion of seeing my gums like this and feeling the pain, I just decided to rest and stay home. My mouth looked different, and more than anything I felt very self conscious.

By 5 this afternoon, I was sick of laying on the couch. Since my friend Ashleys bday celebration is Saturday, the girls all decided to wear dresses. I thought I'd go out and look, and maybe spluge on a new one. I ended up finding a dress and falling in loved with it. I was torn between the size that fits perfectly, and a size bigger, which is where I'm most comfortable. But then boyfriend conveniently pointed out that I wanted more than one wear out of the dress, and I needed to get the one that fit me. Between my rollercoaster from the morning and then that small victory with the dress, I feel motivated again. I missed the gym the past two days, and I've felt bad about my mouth and the pain, and how it looks. Now its time to stop feeling bad for myself and get back to it.