Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From Numb to Pain...I'm Over It

Well I lied. I said sore gums or not, I'd be at the gym. That did not happen.

This morning, my mouth didnt look right. To spare you the gory details, I'll just say there was blood and my gums were still very swollen. I ended up rushing back to the dentist, only to find out that during the cleaning yesterday they cut my gums and there is some tissue damage. They are still swollen and very sore. After all the emotion of seeing my gums like this and feeling the pain, I just decided to rest and stay home. My mouth looked different, and more than anything I felt very self conscious.

By 5 this afternoon, I was sick of laying on the couch. Since my friend Ashleys bday celebration is Saturday, the girls all decided to wear dresses. I thought I'd go out and look, and maybe spluge on a new one. I ended up finding a dress and falling in loved with it. I was torn between the size that fits perfectly, and a size bigger, which is where I'm most comfortable. But then boyfriend conveniently pointed out that I wanted more than one wear out of the dress, and I needed to get the one that fit me. Between my rollercoaster from the morning and then that small victory with the dress, I feel motivated again. I missed the gym the past two days, and I've felt bad about my mouth and the pain, and how it looks. Now its time to stop feeling bad for myself and get back to it.

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