Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Running Block

So lately running has been hard. I'm talking I cant catch my breath and my legs feel heavy and arent moving like they should. I am struggling. With all that has gone on these last few weeks, running has been on the back burner. I guess I thought I didnt need to train on the weekdays in running and if I could do it on the weekends I'd be ready for the GRR this weekend. Yah...I'm beginnning to think that wasnt so smart. Last week was tough! A 4 mile run kicked my butt. Then my long run on Sunday was hot and exhausting. I couldnt even run the whole thing. I dont know if its mental and alot is on my mind, or if I really do need to keep pushing my self and sticking to my training. Ready or not the GRR is on Saturday and I really had big goals this year. I almost dont want to put them out there for fear I wont achieve them. I guess since I started running about a year and a half ago, I just picked it up and got better and better. It was something that through all the sadness and craziness in life, I had control over. Now I dont feel like I do. I need to try and get it back because I miss it. Running used to free my mind and give me so many emotions. Now I fight and struggle for every step. I need to pull it together, and quick. I am running the race Saturday and I dont want to feel let down. Hoping to find myself this week!

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