Sunday, November 28, 2010

Outback Distance Classic-PR

On Thanksgving morning I ran in the outback Distance Classic. I only did the 6K, but I was excited to race again since my 1/2 in October. I met up with 2 of my co-workers once I got there. I was nervous since I wasnt running with someone, it was my first race by myself so I loaded up the ipod and hoped for the best.
It was foggy out and a little bit humid. I started out with both my co-workers and within the first mile we got separated with one. I stayed with the other until about 2 1/2 miles, but then I cranked my ipod and got into my rhythm. When I finished I felt great. I looked at my watch and saw it said about 38:50 seconds. I knew compared to last year it was better, but I waited for the results to be sure. I finished my 6K in 38:48 and averaged a 10:39 minute mile! That it a PR for me in this particular race, because last year I ran it in 41 mminutes and had an 11:12 minute pace. I love seeing how much my time has changed in a matter of one year. I also like seeing how I compared in my age group as well as to all the finishers. I finished 468 out of 2040 total finishers! Woohoo, excited for a PR!
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Looking forward to a good week of training/running.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Races & Possibilities

I'm pretty sure I stayed up too late last night. I started a new book and got a little caught up and before I knew it, it was almost 1 am. Needless to say, running didnt happen this morning.
Work was pretty boring, so while I sat ther staring at the computer I took it upon myself to register for the Outback Distance Classic race on Thanksgiving morning. The race is a 6K or a 1/2 marathon. My original plan before the Marine Corp 1/2 was to complete the 3 1/2 marathons in 3 months, one in October, November, and December, but I took too long of a break after the first one. So, this will be my first race since the 1/2. I'm really excited even if it only is a 6K! I have truly missed waking up early for the races, getting the bag of stuff, and just the adrenaline of racing all together! I have to say, I'm normally not a fan of the shirts races give out, but this years technical tee is cute! Last year they had a long sleeve cotton tee which I love to wear around the house in the winter, but I approve of the tech tee this year.
I was also looking at mini triathlons. I found one in Orlando in May. It would be a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. I just want to try something different. It is a big committment and I havent registered yet, but I am toying with the idea. I'll keep updating about what I decide. Now to watch one of my FAVORITE shows-The Biggest Loser, then I'll be trying for that run again tomorrow morning.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I've discovered a couple of things this week/past weekend:

* People are extremely INSENSITIVE-I mean like things you just dont say insensitive. It offends me, makes me mad, and genuinely hurts my heart.
* Chobani greek yogurt with fruit at the bottom is actually really good! At first I was nervous, but I'm impressed!
* I really miss running/races. I'm just dying to have my Saturday mornings taken over by the race schedule!
* I love my friends-the good quality friends in my life really make me happy and I know my life would not be the same without them.

Ok, I think thats all my discoveries. That was just on my mind tonight. Thanksgiving is also on my mind. I cant believe it the holiday season already. I cant decide if I'm stressed or excited, but I am making an effort to try and enjoy the season. Last year is a blur and I want to try because the people in my life deserve more than a moping Jen at Christmas. It will be difficult, but I can control how I let myself feel, and I'm all for getting into the spirit.

Not too much has been going on besides that. I'm really sticking to this new meal plan my trainer made. Its very clean and surprisingly I'm enjoying it. I think its when you re-commit to something like working out, that its exciting in the beginning. Thats how I'm feeling now, so I'm getting back into cooking instead of frozen "healthy" meals.

Ok, so this got random. I guess that's just how my thoughts were tonight. Off to bed-run in the morning.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Deranged can be defined as:
1. to throw into disorder; disarrange
2. to disturb the condition, action, or function of
3. to make insane

This about describes my workout today. I had my one month measurements with my trainer today and it did not go so well. Clearly I have been taking advantage of football season and enjoying my weekends a little too much. I mean, it wasnt bad, but the results should have been different. So on top of my workout this morning, he asked me to come back for a group circuit tonight and his gym has a class called deranged-I wasnt part of that particular class, but thats about what the group of us were calling his workout circuit. I got to the gym at 5:45 and left a little after 7 and it was non-stop the entire time. There really wasnt a time to rest, just constant movement from one exercise to the next. I am so wiped out right now, but its that good tired.

This means alot to me that I'm being pushed since I just celebrated my birthday with some amazing friends and delicious drinks and Thanksgiving being right around the corner. With the holidays coming up I want to try and enjoy them without over-indulging.

Ok-off to ice, heat, and relax my aching muscles. Its almost the weekend-yay, happy middle of the week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm finally starting to get into a rhythm.
I'm getting into a rhythm at work. The more I learn, the more comfortable and confident I feel.
I'm getting into a rhythm at home. I'm getting into a routine and starting to feel happy in Jacksonville.
I'm getting into a rhythm at the gym. Training is going so well, and now I have a friend from work doing it with me. The light bulb has clicked on and I'm on a mission to drop the last few pounds and really be an example for healthy living to people around me.
I guess things are just going well and moving in a positive direction. My only complaint would have to be the amount of time with the boyfriend. He is in school during the day and works at night, while I only work days. Needless to say I get to see him about 2 nights a week, and a full day on Saturday. Either way, we are making it work and slowly getting used to it. And after a great weekend with the Darius Rucker concert and FL/GA I'm just in a great mood!
Just wanted to post, since it has been awhile-hoping to start incorporating this into my day more.
Hope everyone is having a great week!