Monday, November 22, 2010


I've discovered a couple of things this week/past weekend:

* People are extremely INSENSITIVE-I mean like things you just dont say insensitive. It offends me, makes me mad, and genuinely hurts my heart.
* Chobani greek yogurt with fruit at the bottom is actually really good! At first I was nervous, but I'm impressed!
* I really miss running/races. I'm just dying to have my Saturday mornings taken over by the race schedule!
* I love my friends-the good quality friends in my life really make me happy and I know my life would not be the same without them.

Ok, I think thats all my discoveries. That was just on my mind tonight. Thanksgiving is also on my mind. I cant believe it the holiday season already. I cant decide if I'm stressed or excited, but I am making an effort to try and enjoy the season. Last year is a blur and I want to try because the people in my life deserve more than a moping Jen at Christmas. It will be difficult, but I can control how I let myself feel, and I'm all for getting into the spirit.

Not too much has been going on besides that. I'm really sticking to this new meal plan my trainer made. Its very clean and surprisingly I'm enjoying it. I think its when you re-commit to something like working out, that its exciting in the beginning. Thats how I'm feeling now, so I'm getting back into cooking instead of frozen "healthy" meals.

Ok, so this got random. I guess that's just how my thoughts were tonight. Off to bed-run in the morning.

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