Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Deranged can be defined as:
1. to throw into disorder; disarrange
2. to disturb the condition, action, or function of
3. to make insane

This about describes my workout today. I had my one month measurements with my trainer today and it did not go so well. Clearly I have been taking advantage of football season and enjoying my weekends a little too much. I mean, it wasnt bad, but the results should have been different. So on top of my workout this morning, he asked me to come back for a group circuit tonight and his gym has a class called deranged-I wasnt part of that particular class, but thats about what the group of us were calling his workout circuit. I got to the gym at 5:45 and left a little after 7 and it was non-stop the entire time. There really wasnt a time to rest, just constant movement from one exercise to the next. I am so wiped out right now, but its that good tired.

This means alot to me that I'm being pushed since I just celebrated my birthday with some amazing friends and delicious drinks and Thanksgiving being right around the corner. With the holidays coming up I want to try and enjoy them without over-indulging.

Ok-off to ice, heat, and relax my aching muscles. Its almost the weekend-yay, happy middle of the week!

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