Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm finally starting to get into a rhythm.
I'm getting into a rhythm at work. The more I learn, the more comfortable and confident I feel.
I'm getting into a rhythm at home. I'm getting into a routine and starting to feel happy in Jacksonville.
I'm getting into a rhythm at the gym. Training is going so well, and now I have a friend from work doing it with me. The light bulb has clicked on and I'm on a mission to drop the last few pounds and really be an example for healthy living to people around me.
I guess things are just going well and moving in a positive direction. My only complaint would have to be the amount of time with the boyfriend. He is in school during the day and works at night, while I only work days. Needless to say I get to see him about 2 nights a week, and a full day on Saturday. Either way, we are making it work and slowly getting used to it. And after a great weekend with the Darius Rucker concert and FL/GA I'm just in a great mood!
Just wanted to post, since it has been awhile-hoping to start incorporating this into my day more.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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