Friday, April 30, 2010

Graduation Eve

So, its the night before the big day-graduation! I am so nervous and excited all at the same time. I'm nervous because I will be walking in with a thousand other people who I do not know. It isnt like high school where you know everyone and you get to walk and sit with your friends, it will be me and some random who I sit next to. I've already started feeling the emotions today. I cannot believe that everything I have worked so hard for is finally coming to an end. I feel like I am actually stepping into the real world and I can only hope I'm ready. I have enjoyed every second in Gainesville, the ups the downs and everything in between. From the first day and very first apartment with my biffle Ash and her oh so sweet gift bucket she made me (which I still have/use) to moving in with Cody to our first place together. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and I am so grateful, its just hard to believe its over. I guess ready or not tomorrow is coming and I will be a graduate of the University of Florida! I guess now I have to find a new goal and dream on!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slow Moving Week

I have thoroughly enjoyed this week so far. Having this time to myself is just what I needed. I get to wake up on my own time, enjoy breakfast, hit the gym whether its training or my own cardio routine, then spend the rest of the time doing what I want, no school no work, just me time.
It was nice on Tuesday to go to Cody's softball game. The team is not so great, but it was fun to be around his co-workers and some of the girlfriends too. After the game we went home showered and headed out to Market Street for some drinks (it was one of his co-workers birthdays). It was reggae night which was interesting, but we had a great time and the band was pretty good. We got home at 2 am and had to be up first thing Wednesday morning to take my car to Mazda for an oil change and full service inspection. 5 hrs of sleep did NOT work, but we both got up to face the day. Of course the dealership found an "issue" with my car that they could handle for a couple hundred dollars same day..what a joke. After I say "no" politely they tell me it can go another month or so, they just wanted to "take care of it for me" or in other words make some money and use the little girl who knows nothing about cars! Either way I went straight to the gym after that for a tough training session. After that a shower and lunch was my afternoon followed by a 3 hour nap. When I got up I realized I should make dinner, whole wheat pasta, sauce and turkey meatballs! Then I did the online check-in for our cruise. I am so excited to take this vacation with Cody, it is our first one just the two of us! We also signed up for our shore excursions which include a pub tour in Key West (walking to famous pubs/bars and sampling their best drinks) and we get a t-shirt! Then on their private island in the Bahamas we are snorkeling-we got the equipment all day and can do it at our leisure, plus an underwater camera! I cannot wait!!
Now on today's agenda-I am taking my clothes to consignment stores and hopefully selling some. Then I'm doing lunch with a co-worker, followed by a little last minute cruise shopping/looking for grad shoes. Then tonight dinner and endurance team. Should be another good day in paradise. 2 DAYS UNTIL I GRADUATE!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playing Catch-up

So, as predicted it was an amazing weekend. So much stuff going on, here's the run down:
After my celebratory butt-kicking with my trainer, I came home and got ready for my parents arrival. They got here and we headed to campus to take graduation pics in my cap and gown. It was fun, but extremely hot and that black gown did not breathe at all! The worst part was, the new black heels I bought and wore cut so deep into my toes that I have one big toe sliced open and the other blistered. After the pictures I looked down and my foot was covered in blood (graphic-sorry). Guess I wont be wearing those shoes again! Besides that it was alot of fun taking pictures all over campus. It still hasnt hit me yet and probably wont until I walk across the stage. Ok, after that we headed to Cody's cousins house and had an awesome dinner and relaxing night over there. We had shrimp and ahi tuna for appetizers (ok seafood hater here, LOVED the tuna), grilled chicken, codys homemade mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies, YUM! The boys ate cheesecake for desert and we went home for the night.

(we took a ton of pics-these are only a few-more on FB)

My mom and I planned to get up early for the gym, but we slept in and opted for the boys to get us Starbucks instead. Cody left for work and we got ready for a day of shopping. Since I have gone down 3 sizes I have nothing that fits anymore. I also start my internship on the 9th and I need nice work clothes. I ended up raiding Express and spending too much (thank goodness for store credit cards), but am extremely happy with what all I got. It was hard to buy things my size because I'm used to hiding behind baggy clothes, but I actually bought things that fit because I need to be proud and stop hiding. Dad took us to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays where I successfully ate salad bar only. Then the rents dropped me off and headed back to Jax. When Cody got home we had dinner and watched ony of my favorite movies-The Mighty Ducks 2. We ended up both falling asleep half way through, but it was a great day.

I got up and headed to another personal training session. It was a good workout and it energized me for my day of nothingness. This was my first Sunday without homeowkr or studying and I took full advantage. I showered and sat lounged around in my pjs watching The Hills marathon and reading Eclipse (which I finished now!). I thought this day was well deserved and when Cody got home we grabbed to-go for dinner, just capitalizing on my laziness! It was a great weekend and the week has been just as enjoyable so far.
Cody and I went and got stuff for our cruise today and decided we will not be renting a car for our drive to Miami next Monday. What a rip off for one way rentals, almost double what it would cost to park at the port for the week, so I'm taking my car to Mazda tomorrow morning to be serviced and just make sure all is clear for the roadtrip. Tonight, Cody has a softball game (he has been begging me to go for weeks) and being that its my last week in Gville I promised I would go. So I will be sitting in the dugout with people I dont know and some I dont like all for love, haha. after we are going to Market Street for one of his co-workers birthdays, should be an interesting evening to say the least. Wow, that was a lot. I guess if I stay on top of this it wont be out of control, I will do better!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Officials

With such a crazy week I've had little time to blog but I must now because some things are official!
1. I am OFFICIALLY done with all my classes, final exams, papers for school. Next Saturday I will be a graduate of the University of Florida! To make things eve better, when I went into my last exam today my professor gave a speech about his college days and how he was hungover for his last final and he got excused because he was a graduating he let all graduating seniors leave without taking the final!! Freedom! I'm so happy, but a little sad because its times like this when I want to tell my closest friends and family, which I did, but one person I cannot tell. I know he is in heaven smiling down on me and is so proud. Because of him I followed my dream no matter what it took (many many attempts of trying to get into UF). I miss my friend, but I'm so proud of myself!

2. Tebow is OFFICIALLY a first round draft pick and will play for the Denver Broncos! I could not be more proud to be a Gator. So many people criticized him and said he wouldnt be a first round draft pick and wondered when or if he would go at all. What people dont realize is that fuels him to work harder, so keep doubting him. Also, the Gators had 3 players go in the first round-Joe Haden, Maurkice Pouncey, and Timothy Tebow! So proud-thank goodness I can still wear orange and blue, but either way Cody already ordered me a Broncos shirt!
Now that I have announced my officials for the day, I will go meet my trainer and get a celebratory butt kicking in the gym! After that the parents will be here to take graduation pictures. This is going to be a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finals, Papers, and Fitness-oh my!

I decided to write this morning, since tonight will be very busy with studying and writing a term paper. I just got out of one of my last classes at UF, with a teacher I was not too fond of, so I am ecstatic to be done!! Going backwards-yesterday I had a good personal training session, focused alot on balance and core strength. I felt pretty strong yesterday, so all in all a good fitness day. The problem I am having this week involves my meals. Having so much to do this week to finish school cooking dinner is just one more thing I can't do. I dont mind eating out, but its so hard to find places where I can count my calories. I do love because it lists calories for food and alot of restaurants. We had Chipotle last night and I enjoyed my burrito bowl consisting of rice, black beans, chicken, corn, lettuce, and a little hot salsa. So yummy, and only 405 calories! Luckily Cody is ok with eating out since I have so much to do, I think tonight is Ruby Tuesday salad-delish!
The rest of my day will be tanning, lunch, going to my FINAL class at UF, working out (either abs/glutes on bosu or running), then writing a term paper and studying for 2 exams! Oh and tonight is my favorite for tv-Biggest Loser, so inspiring-if they can do it I can too. Only 14 more lbs to go! Happy Tuesday and stay motivated!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back on Track

Well work was not sad, I didnt let it become that way. I went to lunch at Flying Biscuit with Janet, Tara, and Mallory. It was good, but I saved myself for my cake when we got back to the office. It was hilarious when the office broke out into song with "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" followed up by "We Are the Boys..", oh good times. We had cake and I finished everything on my desk and then left. I told everyone I would be back next week to say bye, I just wasnt in the mood to be sad on Friday. Either way I am officially done working in Gainesville, woohoo!
When I got home Cody and I went shopping for his work party. Our plans were to go to dinner at the Top with his co-worker Pedro and then go to the party (which required us to dress up)
For the first time in 3 years I bought and wore a strapless dress. I was so self-conscious, but Cody reassured me and told me just to be proud of how far I've come. Dinner was good and the party was quite entertaining. Cody's co-workers like to party and get very drunk, we people watched most of the time and just laughed and danced most of the night. One girl who met me in December at the company chrustmas party came up to me and told me how great I looked and asked how much weight I lost. We talked about it for a while and it made me feel good. It's moments like that which make it all worthwhile. The reassurance that someone noticed really made my night, so I'm doing something right.
us before the party

Saturday Cody and I both woke up with headaches. It's weird I guess 2 drinks and staying up to 2 will do that to you-I think we are getting older, haha. He went to work alll day and I took the day off from the gym (again) because of my headache and back pain. I organized all the clothes I'm getting rid of and went and got my hair cut. I'm happy with it, though its short, but I'm thinking new me, new job, new look. Then I went shopping. It's not as much fun by yourself and I still have trouble knowing what size I am. I called my mom and we decided that when her and my dad come this Friday they will help me shop. I need work clothes for the new job, and just everyday wear, its harder than I thought to buy a new wardrobe, not to mention expensive! I worked around the house then made a healthy dinner-though I was SO set on cheating and eating Mexican last night. Cody put me back on track and we ate in and watched Trading Places with Eddie Murphy-hilarious!

Now today-week 115 weigh-in:
I lost........2 LBS!!! YAY! Thank goodness because I was frustrated after last week. I know after next weeks weigh in I'm supposed to stop, but I'm not at goal, so I'm not giving up. 14 more lbs and I will be where I want and back to whats normal for my body. As soon as I weighed this morning I hit the gym and 10am cycle. After that I did some of the seated row machine and headed out. My treat to myself was a small starbucks drink to go with breakfast. Its enough of a treat without over indulging, so I'm happy. The rest of my Sunday will be spent inside with Sheila preparing for finals and writing papers-come on last week of school!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Push Through the Pain

I hate being hurt. I hate feeling like I cant do something. I dont work so hard every day of the week to feel like I need to slow down. I do it to push myself and my body in order to reach the goals I have set for myself. This whole time it hasnt been anything outrageous. My main goal has been to lose weight, get healthy, and run. I've done all of these, but not completely. I still have weight to lose which will make me more healthy and I have a half marathon to do!

While training yesterday I did a weight lifting move wrong. I was completely atfault-instead of squating I leaned forward and strained my lower back. It feels like someone kicked me in my lower back and it hurts to even bend over the sink and brush my teeth. For me, I refuse to let this stop me, but other people in my life think its a sign to slow down and not "push myself." I know that advice is right too, but I hate hate hate feeling held back! I'm finally starting to feel good about myself and I dont need to have setback. Just a little frustrated and needed to vent.

On a lighter note I pushed through endurance team today and feel good that I got a workout in. Tomorrow I will take the day off and give my muscles a day to relax..I guess. Tomorrow is also my LAST DAY AT WORK! I'm feeling mixed emotions because the opportunity to work where I do has been amazing. I've been able to make my own schedule and have weekends off my entire time at UF and I'm so thankful. I am also ready to get a 2 week break from it before I start the next chapter of my life in the real world. So as happy as I am, tomorrow will be a little sad and I will miss the people I work with. Maybe I will feel differently tomorrow...we will see

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holy Headache!

That is the story of my day today, headaches or should I say migraines. If you have never had a migraine than you are extremely lucky, but I am blessed with them about as frequently as my "gift from mother nature" (haha I know tmi), but seriously about once a month or more if I'm stressed. With all of my final papers and exams coming up in such a small amount of time, just thinking about it gives me a headache.

It was at work around noon that I started thinking about the 8 page paper I had to write tonight, can we say procrastination. Anyways I tried to get it out of my head, but subconsciously it stuck and by 2:30 I was getting extremely light sensitive and nauseous. I went home and took the opportunity to lay under the covers with my amazing Brookstone Tension-Relieveing Mask. Seriously this mask is the greatest gift I've ever received-it subtly massages your temples while making a soothing sound. Its also on a 15 min timer so it doesnt drain the battery.I've had it for 3 years and i couldnt live without it!!
After that and some Excedrin I was off to the gym for personal training. Justin took one look at me and knew something was wrong, I even teared up, but said I had to work the stress out. Thats exactly what we did. I felt so strong today and I can feel a difference in my body and my clothes and I'm truly starting to be happy with myself, no matter what the scale says this weekend.

After the workout I had a delicious Yoplait triple berry smoothie-so good and only 110 calories for half, I split it with Cody (the only way he eats fruit!). Then it was shower and time to focus on the paper. Luckily I outlined what I wanted to write about last night, so I wrote it alot quicker than I thought. It took about 3 1/2 hours including dinner time, not bad. So now I will relax with my boyfriend and sleeeeep! I will need it to get through this weekend and following week!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Hang it on the wall!"

So, the next few weeks here are going to be a little more stressful than I imagined. My last day of class is next Tuesday and before then I have 5 papers due and 3 exams. YIKES! While trying to get all that done I'm also trying to kill it in the gym because 3 weeks to graduation also means 3 weeks until cruise and dare I say *bikini*. But, the weight loss caused conflicting emotions this weekend. I went through my entire closet and there is nothing left, I mean nothing. Everything I had was too big. This is a great thing, except I havent gone out to get new clothes yet. Then first thing yesterday I stepped on the scale to weigh in for the week and I hadn't lost an ounce!! I am the exact same weight as last week. I was immediately frustrated because I felt I had an awesome week last week so I expected a decent number. When I got to my appointment with my trainer I asked his advice and he told me to finish my last few weeks of my challenge with my dad and then stop with the scale. I told him that I had just purchased this scale, it was biggest loser scale, and it had a cute pattern. His response "Hang it on the wall", but let it go! GEEZE! Obviously I should check in periodically, but he said my clothes should be my goal and since I can now button my size 4 "goal pants" I should use that as my marker. I agreed with him and I had one of my best workouts in a long time! The rest of my night was spent doing homework, boring.

Still pushing myself this week in the gym and with my calories is something I'm focused on, so today I hit up a 50 minute abs and glutes class, then did 35 min on the elliptical. Tomorrow, I have personal training again and my body is aching, in a good way though, so I'm hoping for success this week. Everyday I will get up and make the conscious choice to continue on this health journey for myself and the joy its bringing me. I can do this!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

On The Go

This weekend has been so packed that I havent had time to blog, but so much fun. After such a tough day Thursday I was in need of a good weekend. After working until about 4 on Friday I headed to home to relax! That night Cody and I decided to go do dinner and drinks with our neighbors Rob and Tiffany. Unfortunately, Tiffany had to work so dinner was a bit later, but it worked out. After a less than comfortable dinner, Cody and I came home and passed out.

Saturday -ORANGE & BLUE game!
I got up early to workout before the game. I took this class Cardio Party Mashup-1 hr. class that incorporates kickboxing, plyometrics, jump roping, sprinting, and agility drills-tough, but A-MA-ZING, what a workout! Then I showered and got ready for Ash, Brian, and Ash's sisters Jenny & Krissy to get here and head to the Swamp. I pre-made cute snack bags to take since I knew we would be hungry. The game was a good time and it wasnt too hot, just warm enough to apply bronzer to my legs and get some sun. BLUE won, and then we all headed to the mall to kill some time before dinner at Gainesville's famous Satchels. Dinner was amazing as usual, Satchels pizza and salad is the best! After dinner, Ash and the gang took me home ad got on the road back to Jax. I waited for Cody to get off work so we could finally see each other and enjoy a quiet night. He decided to broaden my movie-watching horizons and we watched The Shawshank Redemption-good movie, I must say. Then it was bed-time.

After waking up from a horrible dream this morning I hit the gym again-just a cycle class this time, but it kicked my butt. Cycle classes are so hard, but I get a good sweat and feel like I've done alot of work, so I like it. Then I went and picked up a paper to cut the Sunday coupons for grocery shopping later. Before that though I went bridal gown shopping with my friend Jen and her future-mother-in-law. It was a great time and Jen looked beautiful in all the dresses. I even tried on some bridesmaid dresses and I'm excited for the way they look! Now that I have a free second I think I will take a power nap, go grocery shopping, then have dinner ready when Cody gets home. Such a fun weekend-now the countdown is on 3 more weekends in Gainesville!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remembering a Hero

Today is a tough day. One of my best friends, LCpl Jonathan Taylor was born today 23 years ago today. He lost his life after 2 months in Helmand, Afghanistan, which was his second tour of duty in the United States Marine Corp. I am so proud of Jonathan and what he did with his life, his dream, to be a Marine. He lived and died doing what he always wanted to do, and not many people can say that about their lives. He was also the type of friend where I left nothing unsaid. I can honestly say I have no guilt now that he is gone. He knew how I felt about him and I knew how he felt about me. He is one of the greatest people I have ever known. My life is better for knowing him. It does not make today easier though. It is still surreal that he wont be coming home later this month with his unit. I wish everyday that this wouldnt have happened, it is like my worst nightmare come to life. I know so many are affected by Jonathan's life and death and it is such a testament to the kind of person he was. To know him was to be his friend. I will always treasure the many many memories we have together and I have such a great feeling knowing I have a Marine, a hero,atching over me know.


Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ride is Almost Over...

So you know those rollercoasters that have a really long line to get on, then once you're on there is an incline that looks like a few hundred miles long, but then once it drops the ride is over before you can scream..?! Thats how my life feels right now, except the ride is just about over and I can't believe it went by so fast. Well, let me explain:
I got a phone call this morning from my daddy who advised me that I should put in my two weeks notice at work. Not wanting to miss out on the extra money before graduation I figured I would work right up until I moved...he had other ideas. I was told I needed a break and not to worry about things these next few weeks. So, following fathers orders I went into work and informed my boss and co-workers that next Friday, the 16th would be my last day. This led to the realization that the 16th is close, followed by the next tuesday being my last day of classes. Then I graduate after that, leave for my cruise 2 days after graduation, and start my internship 2 days after I get back. So, I'm on that rollercoaster, enjoying every second, but also sad its almost over after all this time spent waiting and thinking it would never happen. I guess its on to the next ride!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!

What a great weekend this was. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera, but here's how the weekend went:

Friday after class and work I went to personal training. I felt awesome during the workout and really enjoyed myself. I then showered and got on the road to Jacksonville. I walked into my parents house to find my friend Jon Davis sitting on the coach having a beer. I love him, but him being in town is the worst thing for my weight loss-he is such a bad influence!! We went to "our place"-Dick's Wing aka Richards (what we call it). Cody and Rachel met us up there and we went to Harmonious Monks, an awesome bar, and met up with Ash and Brian. What turned into me having one drink, moved quickly to 2 drinks and about 4 shots=HOLY HANGOVER! It was a good time though dancing and shaking the tambourine. Not to mention the few falls Jon Davis took on the walk home, haha.

So after the headache wore off Saturday, we went back to "Richards" (while Cody was at his rents house) and had lunch. Once Cody got home, we headed to Pete and Ann's (some friends of the fam) for ribs and basketball-wow seems like we did alot of eating! It was a good time over there and the team we were cheering for, Butler, won! Finally, we went home and all watched the Blind Side and I feel asleep on Cody's shoulder. Oh we also gave Cody his easter basket-mom got us both gift cards to get new bathing suits for the cruise along with tanning stuff, YAY!

Cody left bright and early this morning since he had to work back in Gainesville. I got up later and got my Easter basket. After breakfast mom and I went and ran the bridges, since I failed to workout Saturday. Then we layed by the pool for about an hour. It was so nice to get sun! Then the family got lunch together and I headed back to Gville. In the whole world of weight loss I didnt fair so well this weekend. I weighed on my moms scale and it said I gained a lb-no excuses, but I want to weigh on mine tomorrow morning and just see what it says and I will take that number. Either way I'm pushing it this week, because i have exactly 4 WEEKS before the cruise, oh man I think I will go workout now!