Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playing Catch-up

So, as predicted it was an amazing weekend. So much stuff going on, here's the run down:
After my celebratory butt-kicking with my trainer, I came home and got ready for my parents arrival. They got here and we headed to campus to take graduation pics in my cap and gown. It was fun, but extremely hot and that black gown did not breathe at all! The worst part was, the new black heels I bought and wore cut so deep into my toes that I have one big toe sliced open and the other blistered. After the pictures I looked down and my foot was covered in blood (graphic-sorry). Guess I wont be wearing those shoes again! Besides that it was alot of fun taking pictures all over campus. It still hasnt hit me yet and probably wont until I walk across the stage. Ok, after that we headed to Cody's cousins house and had an awesome dinner and relaxing night over there. We had shrimp and ahi tuna for appetizers (ok seafood hater here, LOVED the tuna), grilled chicken, codys homemade mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies, YUM! The boys ate cheesecake for desert and we went home for the night.

(we took a ton of pics-these are only a few-more on FB)

My mom and I planned to get up early for the gym, but we slept in and opted for the boys to get us Starbucks instead. Cody left for work and we got ready for a day of shopping. Since I have gone down 3 sizes I have nothing that fits anymore. I also start my internship on the 9th and I need nice work clothes. I ended up raiding Express and spending too much (thank goodness for store credit cards), but am extremely happy with what all I got. It was hard to buy things my size because I'm used to hiding behind baggy clothes, but I actually bought things that fit because I need to be proud and stop hiding. Dad took us to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays where I successfully ate salad bar only. Then the rents dropped me off and headed back to Jax. When Cody got home we had dinner and watched ony of my favorite movies-The Mighty Ducks 2. We ended up both falling asleep half way through, but it was a great day.

I got up and headed to another personal training session. It was a good workout and it energized me for my day of nothingness. This was my first Sunday without homeowkr or studying and I took full advantage. I showered and sat lounged around in my pjs watching The Hills marathon and reading Eclipse (which I finished now!). I thought this day was well deserved and when Cody got home we grabbed to-go for dinner, just capitalizing on my laziness! It was a great weekend and the week has been just as enjoyable so far.
Cody and I went and got stuff for our cruise today and decided we will not be renting a car for our drive to Miami next Monday. What a rip off for one way rentals, almost double what it would cost to park at the port for the week, so I'm taking my car to Mazda tomorrow morning to be serviced and just make sure all is clear for the roadtrip. Tonight, Cody has a softball game (he has been begging me to go for weeks) and being that its my last week in Gville I promised I would go. So I will be sitting in the dugout with people I dont know and some I dont like all for love, haha. after we are going to Market Street for one of his co-workers birthdays, should be an interesting evening to say the least. Wow, that was a lot. I guess if I stay on top of this it wont be out of control, I will do better!

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