Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back on Track

Well work was not sad, I didnt let it become that way. I went to lunch at Flying Biscuit with Janet, Tara, and Mallory. It was good, but I saved myself for my cake when we got back to the office. It was hilarious when the office broke out into song with "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" followed up by "We Are the Boys..", oh good times. We had cake and I finished everything on my desk and then left. I told everyone I would be back next week to say bye, I just wasnt in the mood to be sad on Friday. Either way I am officially done working in Gainesville, woohoo!
When I got home Cody and I went shopping for his work party. Our plans were to go to dinner at the Top with his co-worker Pedro and then go to the party (which required us to dress up)
For the first time in 3 years I bought and wore a strapless dress. I was so self-conscious, but Cody reassured me and told me just to be proud of how far I've come. Dinner was good and the party was quite entertaining. Cody's co-workers like to party and get very drunk, we people watched most of the time and just laughed and danced most of the night. One girl who met me in December at the company chrustmas party came up to me and told me how great I looked and asked how much weight I lost. We talked about it for a while and it made me feel good. It's moments like that which make it all worthwhile. The reassurance that someone noticed really made my night, so I'm doing something right.
us before the party

Saturday Cody and I both woke up with headaches. It's weird I guess 2 drinks and staying up to 2 will do that to you-I think we are getting older, haha. He went to work alll day and I took the day off from the gym (again) because of my headache and back pain. I organized all the clothes I'm getting rid of and went and got my hair cut. I'm happy with it, though its short, but I'm thinking new me, new job, new look. Then I went shopping. It's not as much fun by yourself and I still have trouble knowing what size I am. I called my mom and we decided that when her and my dad come this Friday they will help me shop. I need work clothes for the new job, and just everyday wear, its harder than I thought to buy a new wardrobe, not to mention expensive! I worked around the house then made a healthy dinner-though I was SO set on cheating and eating Mexican last night. Cody put me back on track and we ate in and watched Trading Places with Eddie Murphy-hilarious!

Now today-week 115 weigh-in:
I lost........2 LBS!!! YAY! Thank goodness because I was frustrated after last week. I know after next weeks weigh in I'm supposed to stop, but I'm not at goal, so I'm not giving up. 14 more lbs and I will be where I want and back to whats normal for my body. As soon as I weighed this morning I hit the gym and 10am cycle. After that I did some of the seated row machine and headed out. My treat to myself was a small starbucks drink to go with breakfast. Its enough of a treat without over indulging, so I'm happy. The rest of my Sunday will be spent inside with Sheila preparing for finals and writing papers-come on last week of school!

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  1. Girl you look so tiny and BEAUTIFUL! Love the dress!