Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ride is Almost Over...

So you know those rollercoasters that have a really long line to get on, then once you're on there is an incline that looks like a few hundred miles long, but then once it drops the ride is over before you can scream..?! Thats how my life feels right now, except the ride is just about over and I can't believe it went by so fast. Well, let me explain:
I got a phone call this morning from my daddy who advised me that I should put in my two weeks notice at work. Not wanting to miss out on the extra money before graduation I figured I would work right up until I moved...he had other ideas. I was told I needed a break and not to worry about things these next few weeks. So, following fathers orders I went into work and informed my boss and co-workers that next Friday, the 16th would be my last day. This led to the realization that the 16th is close, followed by the next tuesday being my last day of classes. Then I graduate after that, leave for my cruise 2 days after graduation, and start my internship 2 days after I get back. So, I'm on that rollercoaster, enjoying every second, but also sad its almost over after all this time spent waiting and thinking it would never happen. I guess its on to the next ride!

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