Sunday, April 11, 2010

On The Go

This weekend has been so packed that I havent had time to blog, but so much fun. After such a tough day Thursday I was in need of a good weekend. After working until about 4 on Friday I headed to home to relax! That night Cody and I decided to go do dinner and drinks with our neighbors Rob and Tiffany. Unfortunately, Tiffany had to work so dinner was a bit later, but it worked out. After a less than comfortable dinner, Cody and I came home and passed out.

Saturday -ORANGE & BLUE game!
I got up early to workout before the game. I took this class Cardio Party Mashup-1 hr. class that incorporates kickboxing, plyometrics, jump roping, sprinting, and agility drills-tough, but A-MA-ZING, what a workout! Then I showered and got ready for Ash, Brian, and Ash's sisters Jenny & Krissy to get here and head to the Swamp. I pre-made cute snack bags to take since I knew we would be hungry. The game was a good time and it wasnt too hot, just warm enough to apply bronzer to my legs and get some sun. BLUE won, and then we all headed to the mall to kill some time before dinner at Gainesville's famous Satchels. Dinner was amazing as usual, Satchels pizza and salad is the best! After dinner, Ash and the gang took me home ad got on the road back to Jax. I waited for Cody to get off work so we could finally see each other and enjoy a quiet night. He decided to broaden my movie-watching horizons and we watched The Shawshank Redemption-good movie, I must say. Then it was bed-time.

After waking up from a horrible dream this morning I hit the gym again-just a cycle class this time, but it kicked my butt. Cycle classes are so hard, but I get a good sweat and feel like I've done alot of work, so I like it. Then I went and picked up a paper to cut the Sunday coupons for grocery shopping later. Before that though I went bridal gown shopping with my friend Jen and her future-mother-in-law. It was a great time and Jen looked beautiful in all the dresses. I even tried on some bridesmaid dresses and I'm excited for the way they look! Now that I have a free second I think I will take a power nap, go grocery shopping, then have dinner ready when Cody gets home. Such a fun weekend-now the countdown is on 3 more weekends in Gainesville!!

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