Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!

What a great weekend this was. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera, but here's how the weekend went:

Friday after class and work I went to personal training. I felt awesome during the workout and really enjoyed myself. I then showered and got on the road to Jacksonville. I walked into my parents house to find my friend Jon Davis sitting on the coach having a beer. I love him, but him being in town is the worst thing for my weight loss-he is such a bad influence!! We went to "our place"-Dick's Wing aka Richards (what we call it). Cody and Rachel met us up there and we went to Harmonious Monks, an awesome bar, and met up with Ash and Brian. What turned into me having one drink, moved quickly to 2 drinks and about 4 shots=HOLY HANGOVER! It was a good time though dancing and shaking the tambourine. Not to mention the few falls Jon Davis took on the walk home, haha.

So after the headache wore off Saturday, we went back to "Richards" (while Cody was at his rents house) and had lunch. Once Cody got home, we headed to Pete and Ann's (some friends of the fam) for ribs and basketball-wow seems like we did alot of eating! It was a good time over there and the team we were cheering for, Butler, won! Finally, we went home and all watched the Blind Side and I feel asleep on Cody's shoulder. Oh we also gave Cody his easter basket-mom got us both gift cards to get new bathing suits for the cruise along with tanning stuff, YAY!

Cody left bright and early this morning since he had to work back in Gainesville. I got up later and got my Easter basket. After breakfast mom and I went and ran the bridges, since I failed to workout Saturday. Then we layed by the pool for about an hour. It was so nice to get sun! Then the family got lunch together and I headed back to Gville. In the whole world of weight loss I didnt fair so well this weekend. I weighed on my moms scale and it said I gained a lb-no excuses, but I want to weigh on mine tomorrow morning and just see what it says and I will take that number. Either way I'm pushing it this week, because i have exactly 4 WEEKS before the cruise, oh man I think I will go workout now!

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  1. We will kick it soo hard this week our bodies will not know what to do! It's gonna be a good week & we will see more results!!! :)