Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Healthier Me

A weight was lifted off my shoulders today. I aired some things to a good friend and I feel alot better. I think that forgiving is so healthy for someone. Actually, today has been full of health-first a healthy lunch and good conversation with my ENGAGED friend, Jen. We've been through alot together and after telling her how I feel about some problems I am ready to put them behind me. I know an angel is telling me to do so, and also to start moving on. One thing I learned is that life does go on, even when I dont understand it. No matter how bad mine is, the world is still turning and the sun will rise and set, so I need to start turning with it.

J squared back in the day

After lunch I had a personal training session. I decided to go back since I have about 6 weeks left in Gainesville. I want to take advantage of it since my weight loss is taking off. With my endurance team and now training, I'm (hopefully) bound to get to my goal soon, only 18 pounds to go!!

Dinner at Chipotle didnt satisfy me due-to the man with the heavy hand with the hot salsa-so I had the bright idea to have Yogaberry. I've been twice, but never really experimented with flavors and toppings. Tonight I had the chocolate with strawberries, and omg-delish!! I have seen the yogaberry light now! Ok, so now off to bed, I'm starting to get a sore throat and I'm hoping to sleep it off. I do NOT have time to be sick, not with a weekend at home with some of my best friends planned! Cepacol throat spray here I come, or maybe some gargling with warm salt water.

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