Thursday, March 4, 2010

Break Time!

Today was awesome, in the sense that it was my last day of classes and now its officially SPRING BREAK!

I'm so ready for the weekend, just one day of work tomorrow and then Cody and I are off to Jacksonville to celebrate Cody's 25th birthday!

After class today I came home and had an awesome 3 mile run. It's not much, but I've been using the River Run training schedule for the last few months, so whatever mileage it says, I run. It's amazing, the other day I was looking at pictures from my first 5k, the Marine Corp and what a difference and improvement I've made. It took me 41 minutes to run my first 5K, and now I run it in 32 minutes! I never noticed the change, but its so crazy how much I've improved. My whole life I've wanted to be the person who can just go out for a 3 or 4 mile run and I've never been able to do that. Heck I couldnt even run a mile and then at 45 lbs over weight it was even harder. Now to be a total of 25 lbs down and being able to run when I want is the greatest feeling. I'm seriously starting to gain myself back, and with all this tragedy lately I need me back.

Well, time for a night of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Tomorrow is work and off to Jacksonville. This weekend will consist of celebrating my wonderful boyfriend and getting some more River Run training in! Woohoo!

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