Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a crazy few days its been! I'll start with the weekend, I went home and Cody stayed in Gainesville for work of course. I had a great time with the family this weekend. Friday I went to dinner and out for drinks for one of my best friends Ashley's birthday. It was a great time as usual! Saturday got in a lot of shopping with the family and did lunch. I got some awesome new running gear, its funny that new running clothes make me want to run more! Then relaxed and watched one of my fav shows Bridezillas with mom. Sunday was my long run day, 7 miles! I got a bad cramp about mile 3 and walked a little, but I was determined to push through so I kept on running until I finished. With walking it took me 1 hr and 24 mins, not terrible.

This week has been all about midterms, 4 and 1 paper due! I'll be taking my final exam in about 45 minutes (I clearly dont want to study anymore!) I did get a paper back from one of my English classes (my professor happens to be the head of UF's english dept.) and he told us how terrible we all did, but by some miracle my paper was an "A" I was ecstatic!! For someone like him to like my work made me feel really good. Now just 2 more classes tomorrow then SPRING BREAK!!

On another note, the River Run is only a week from this Saturday, which is also Cody's birthday party. I'm excited to throw him a party since he will be the big 25! Anyways, I'm so excited for the run, more like anxious/excited/nervous all at once. It should be great though. Ok off to ace this test!!

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