Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Break-Up

Well, not with Cody, but today was break-up day with my trainer...let me explain.
I've had a personal trainer named Justin for a 7 months now, he is my age and we get along great! He hasnt just been someone telling me what exercises to do, but he seems to generally care about my progress. He also is the reason I started running. He told me "once you run your first race, you will be addicted!" and wow, I had no idea how right he would be! Since then I've run five 5K's, a 6K, and my first 15K will be the River Run!! So today at my last session, he and I joked about our break-up. I assured him that it wasn't him it was me. lol.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. Classes were boring as usual, but got through the day. After training Cody and I went to BestBuy and I bought my mom and ipod shuffle. She runs with no music so I thought I should do something nice for her. I got a new ipod car adapter, so a pretty good night.

Then I made dinner, pork chops, brown rice, and veggies! Yummy! Now its off to do homework. Can't wait for tomorrow though. Cody and I are going to see 3 Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin in concert. We are meeting up with our friends Ashley and Brian for dinner and then the show. Should be a fun day/night in Jacksonville.

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