Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Rainbow on a Stormy Day!

I hate the rain, I mean I always have. I especially hate the rain when it wakes me up during the night because it is so loud on the skylight in our room. I knew when I woke up at 4 am, it would be one soggy day. I was right...but rain always means there's a rainbow...

It was so hard to get through work, even though I had a half day. I worked until 1 and then went home to pack for my weekend in Jacksonville. I got out of my Endurance Team training tonight (running clinic my ex-trainer started, guess we are back together) and got on the road at about 4 after having lunch with Cody. I hate traveling without him, but I packed up Sheila and off we went.

I got home and decided to do my last training run, only 2 miles (per GRR training schedule), but I rocked it. I pushed hard and did it in 19:46. It felt awesome to end on a high note. Then I walked another mile or so just to loosen my muscles and cool down. I guess I'm ready, I have to be.

Its been relaxing from there, mommy brought me a salad home for dinner from Ale House (one of my favs!) and we watched the Thursday shows. The best part of my day though was lunch with Cody. No, not just because we spent time together, but I got my graduation present, early. He paid for us to go on a....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....
A 4 night cruise to the Keys and the Bahamas!!!!
He said I will just want to relax after graduating and before starting my internship, so he thought this was perfect. I am VERY excited and so thankful to have an amazing boyfriend like him. He has never cruised before and I have been once, with work, so it will be awesome to go together and just relax and make awesome memories!

So, thats my excitement for today. I'm a happy girl, happy but nervous. Cody will get here tomorrow after he works, so then with my support system in place I will be ready for Saturday. Oh and I'm going to the runners expo tomorrow, should make it feel real. Can't wait!!

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