Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Call me Betty Crocker

This morning after my routine of getting ready, having breakfast, making my lunch and getting my school stuff together I looked at the freezer and thought 'what to do for dinner'. I layed out some chicken, but seriously I am so sick of a protein, brown rice, and veggies. I wanted to do something different because I make the same 5-10 meals and I want to branch out. I found this recipe for zesty chicken on top of corn salsa. ( YUM!

After work and classes I got the ingredients and was so excited! Came home to a lovely surprise of 2 long-stemmed daisies (my fav flower). They are yellow, pink, and red. Cody got them just to say 'I love you', so sweet! So, back to dinner. I panic slightly when I'm traveling into new territory with anything in life-driving, cooking, you know the usual stuff, but I followed the recipe and might I say AMAZING!!!! It actually looked like this picture too! It has a chili powder, brown sugar, cumin rub on the chicken and the salsa is corn, kidney beans, red pepper, lime juice and salt! So delish! I made a little brown rice to go on the side, but it almost wasnt necessary. The whole meal with brown rice was 385 calories. I felt very accomplished after this tonight. Cody even gave it his seal of approval when he said "I could eat this again" meaning put it into our rotation (so lame, but true) of dinners I make. Ahh success!

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