Monday, March 8, 2010

The Wild Weekend!

Well, the weekend was amazing! I really think Cody had a great birthday! We started Friday by heading out to Jax around 8:30. We had a pretty relaxing night at home and went to bed early. First thing Saturday morning my best friend Ashley and I went out to run the bridges downtown. I'm not gonna lie I was very nervous about this since I had only trained a few times doing stadiums, but honestly it was awesome! My body felt great and cooperated and I think I had myself so psyched out that I never thought the bridges would be easy. That was the first time I felt like I could do the River Run. Then I spent time with Jon Davis and Courtney running around and getting things ready for Cody's party.

That night we all had an amazing time. Lots of drinks and shots were involved, but I think Cody felt important all night and that was my goal. It ended up being a VERY late night so Sunday (Cody's actual birthday) came early.

We went to breakfast Sunday morning with Cody's parents and mine. It was a good time. After breakfast we all felt so hungover and exhausted that we ate junk food and watched The Hangover all while laying around like bums. Then we decided it was cake time. I was especially proud of the cake I picked out for Cody, musical theme because he is so talented with his music. That night we had an amazing dinner together at Carrabbas. After that Cody just wanted to go home and relax. It was a calm night, but it was what he wanted to do, so all in all an amazing weekend!

This morning we got up at 7:30 and headed back to Gainesville since we both had to work. Work was boring and I was exhausted, so I ended up leaving at 4. I came home and took a nap and then headed to Publix. I stocked up and then came home to make a delicious, but healthy dinner; turkey sausage and peppers over brown rice...YUM! Now I think I should go make up for the run I didnt do today, River Run in 5 days!!!

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