Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nervous Energy

So, as I've been mentioning, the Gate River Run is this Saturday. It is my first 15K, and the largest 15K in the United States! I've been using the River Run training schedule to train since January 4th running anywhere from 12-21 miles a week. This week though, race week, I hit a wall. I have had zero motivation to run let alone do much of anything. It could have something to do with the fact that it's spring break, but I talked to other people who re having the same issue this week. I think all of the training and energy I've put into this has come to a point and I need to get it out. I do have some nagging questions though...

What if my body doesnt cooperate? What if I get a cramp? Do I get water at every station, or every other station? What if I have to pee during the race? What if I just cant do it?? All these things are running through my mind as the big day approaches and its driving me crazy! This race means so much to me, so I just want to accomplish my goals (1. running without having to walk, maybe and 2. finishing in under 2 hrs) When I first started running my main goal was to be able to run this race. It has helped me so much with my body physically and mentally. I've lost weight and gotten so much healthier inside and out. Not to mention, this is my first race since Jon died. Being that my first race, the Marine Corp 5K, was for him 2 days before he deployed, this is super important. He told me he was proud of me for that first race (we both never thought I would be a runner), so I want him to know that this run is for him and to look down on me and be proud again. I guess I'm just ready for Saturday....I think...

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