Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a Weekend!!

This weekend could not have been any better! First some pictures from Saturday's Gate River Run:

Mom and I went to the Runner's Expo and picked up our t-shirts and goodies for the GRR. After walking around and taking all the freebies, we headed to lunch. Getting everything made the race seem so real. After lunch we went home to sort through our stuff and mom's best friend/my second mom showed up. She ran with us. We had a pasta dinner and 1 glass of wine to calm the nerves. Once Cody got into town we all went to bed, or tired to, to prepare for the big day!

I got up almost instictively at 5:30 am which is un heard of for me. We choked down breakfast (peanut butter bagel and banana) and got ready for the race! Ashley and everyone showed up and we headed downtown to sit in traffic which did not calm my nerves. Once the race started though, the butterflies went away and I felt great. My body was cooperating after the Main Street Bridge and I was ready to rock the race. At about mile 8 I was dragging. I kept looking down and lost my breathing, but I was at the final point, the Hart Bridge (aka Green Monster). I slowed to a walk and then got so mad that I pushed myself over the bridge and across the finish line in under 2 hours, 1 hr and 58 minutes to be exact! What a runners high! To train so hard and finally do it was the most awesome feeling! Then my trainer Justin showed up at the post race party as a surprise to support me. This brought tears to my eyes because it showed that he actually cared outside of the gym about me and my goals. After a celebatory lunch with everyone at Hooters I went home showered and passed out. That night, sunburned and sore Cody and I went out for mexican/margaritas with Ashley and Brian. Fun night, amazing day!!! I'm a finisher of the Gate River Run!

Woke up feeling like I ran 9.3 miles. My ankle was def bothering me so no workout for me. Cody and Brian decided Ashley and I deserved a relaxing day, so they paid for a massage, pedicure, and lunch for us. The 1 hr massage was much needed! I felt so relaxed afterwards and my muscles thanked me. The pedicure was nice too, My feet def needed it after the many, MANY miles I've put on them these past 3 months of training. Then Cody and I decided to stay in Jax another night and head back Monday morning. Such a great ending to a perfect weekend!

So far starting school this week has not been fun, but I'm adjusting. The ankle is just now starting to feel better. Instead of running I tried a spin class today, and WOW was it more than I expected!! It was quite the workout, but much harder than I thought it would be. I got a good sweat and felt good leaving. Now to catch up on homework and watch my shows (LOVE me some Biggest Loser, SO inspiring!!)

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