Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's called Express...

Ok, so I have a bit of a rant to go off on. I had to run to Publix for Diet Green Tea (so addicted) and cereal after my work out tonight-which was awesome by the way! I ended up with Honey Nut Cheerios (just to try something new), fries for Cody, and ibuprofen-they were out of diet green tea, so sad. Either way I jump in the express line which CLEARLY reads, 10 items or fewer-it does not say 17 items or viewer! The family of 4 in front of me with their kids running around crying over candy decided the sign said 10 items or more. I mean thats just a little rude. When it takes 5-6 bags to get all your items in the express line, then you know youre in the wrong! I mean I had 3 things and the poor lady behind me kept checking her watch with her lone rotisserie chicken. Clearly if you come in quickly, you want to get your things and go. It was just a tad annoying tonight! Ok end rant-off to get ready for date night with Cody!

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