Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slow Moving Week

I have thoroughly enjoyed this week so far. Having this time to myself is just what I needed. I get to wake up on my own time, enjoy breakfast, hit the gym whether its training or my own cardio routine, then spend the rest of the time doing what I want, no school no work, just me time.
It was nice on Tuesday to go to Cody's softball game. The team is not so great, but it was fun to be around his co-workers and some of the girlfriends too. After the game we went home showered and headed out to Market Street for some drinks (it was one of his co-workers birthdays). It was reggae night which was interesting, but we had a great time and the band was pretty good. We got home at 2 am and had to be up first thing Wednesday morning to take my car to Mazda for an oil change and full service inspection. 5 hrs of sleep did NOT work, but we both got up to face the day. Of course the dealership found an "issue" with my car that they could handle for a couple hundred dollars same day..what a joke. After I say "no" politely they tell me it can go another month or so, they just wanted to "take care of it for me" or in other words make some money and use the little girl who knows nothing about cars! Either way I went straight to the gym after that for a tough training session. After that a shower and lunch was my afternoon followed by a 3 hour nap. When I got up I realized I should make dinner, whole wheat pasta, sauce and turkey meatballs! Then I did the online check-in for our cruise. I am so excited to take this vacation with Cody, it is our first one just the two of us! We also signed up for our shore excursions which include a pub tour in Key West (walking to famous pubs/bars and sampling their best drinks) and we get a t-shirt! Then on their private island in the Bahamas we are snorkeling-we got the equipment all day and can do it at our leisure, plus an underwater camera! I cannot wait!!
Now on today's agenda-I am taking my clothes to consignment stores and hopefully selling some. Then I'm doing lunch with a co-worker, followed by a little last minute cruise shopping/looking for grad shoes. Then tonight dinner and endurance team. Should be another good day in paradise. 2 DAYS UNTIL I GRADUATE!!

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  1. I LOVE whole wheat pasta! We had the same thing for dinner last night, WEIRD!!!