Saturday, March 19, 2011

GRR Recap

Well I survived yet another Gate River Run.

I was nervous getting up that morning, but stayed calm and had a good breakfast. Once we got downtown I hit that bathrooms then spent my time warming up and trying to shake off the nerves. Once we lined up, I immediately had to pee again. I wasnt sure if it was nerves or if I really had to go. Either way, thats all I could think about. I knew I wasnt going to stop along that race at the port a lets, so I had to run through it.

Starting out the race I was pissed. This year walkers were supposed to start 5 min after the runners, or atleast further back, but I spent the entire first mile or so dodging people walking right into the middle of the road. I mean did they not get the memo?! As I got more furstrated I realized I was wasting alot of energy getting mad, when I needed to focus it and save it for when I needed it.

At mile 2, I hit the Main Street Bridge, and I felt great. I got through the first 5 miles with no problem. My mom, Marie, and I talked the entire time. I even stayed a little bit ahead of them. I kept to my plan and stopped at the water stations along the way so I wouldnt have to at the foot of the Hart Bridge. I saw a friends mom betweenmile 6 and 7 and it gave me the boost that I needed. Right about mile 7 on that long stretch, we all agreed it was almost time for the 'Green Monster' so my turned on our ipods. I put on my running beidge and rounded the corner with the bridge in sight. I was so determined when I got to the foot of it, and I just told myself to take baby steps and not to rush going up, so I wouldnt get winded. I keot running and waited for it to get hard, but it never did. With each step I felt stronger, like I was making up for last year. I finally ran exactly like I wanted to. I wasnt dragging to the finish, I was running this bridge and the last mile of this race exactly like I had hoped for in my head. I even had enough energy to sprint to the finish.

Last year I ran the race in 1:58, and I made my goal which was under 2 hours. This year my goal was 1:45, but a friend said to try for 1:50. Well I met in the middle. My time was 1:47, 11 minutes faster than last year! And I truly feel like it could have been faster if I wasnt dodging walkers half the race. Either way, I ran the race I wanted to and I was thrilled with the outcome!
I enjoyed the free beer after as well-Cheers to another GRR!!

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