Monday, June 21, 2010


I think I just need to vent!
I've been searching for jobs, and been offered 2, but nothing in what I want to do. Lately, the only places calling me are sales positions for marketing companies which are commission only, or insurance companies who want me to sell life insurance. I DO NOT WANT TO SELL! I don't know how many more interviews I can go on only to feel let down by the company. I want stability, salary, and heck, I like corporate America! I don't have the need to be an entrepreneur, so someone please hire me so I can start this new part of my life. I'm getting nervous my internship will end and I will be stuck with nothing...

On another note, I'm pushing myself hard this week in the gym and eating. I found these amazing pre-made salads at Publix last night with calorie content right on top. I know to be weary of salads, especially pre-made, but it was the perfect portion and it was only 280 calories. Today was lettuce, spicy chicken, corn, cheese, tortillas, and salsa ranch dressing..YUM! Inspired by that, since I'm home alone this week, I'm testing out some new marinades on chicken and tonight is Tequila Lime! I want to have the chicken made so I can have it for dinners/lunches this week!
Now I'm done venting and being happy about the little things. I just need to learn to relax, maybe I will start working on that!

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