Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finding My Groove

I am in week 2 of half marathon training, and though it is starting small, I'm feeling good. I honestly feel like I'm getting my running groove back. Last week was a bit rocky. It seemed that every time I would start, I would cramp up. My mind wasnt in the right place, so my body wasnt as a result. But, this week is a different story! I am following the schedule pretty strictly and so far this week we have only had 2 mile runs. Normally, we would have the long run (being 3 this week) on Sunday, BUT my biffle Ashley and I will be in Charleston visiting our good friend Rachel (CANT WAIT), so we will be doing our 3 mile run tomorrow.
Though the temperature has been hotter than satans toenail, my mind has just been letting go when I'm running. I dont feel my legs making the steps, they just are. I know it is only two short runs, but it gives me confidence that my body is ready for this!
Other than that, the job hunt continues. All I can do is apply and be hopeful. I'm trying to not worry about it and today I feel at peace with it. Maybe it is because I have a great weekend coming up. Either way, I'm having a great Wednesday-off to the internship!

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