Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moonlight Movie

What a long week! after an intense week at the internship, I was pretty concerned about last night's Moonlight Movie event. I actually prayed for rain since we would be without one intern, but of course the clouds passed and it was sunny and hot! The event went surprisingly well with Ashley (intern) and I working it and our boss stayed fairly calm. I got home around 10 and relaxed with mom and watched the end of the Gator baseball regional game, which we won! After that it was bed-time!

today, my plan was to get up for body-pump, but my body must have needed the sleep! My plan now is possible small run, get ready, then lunch with Cody's mom at Don Juan's. (I am reaching out trying to make an effort here) then later, I plan to head to Gainesville to visit my long-lost boyfriend! I sure will be glad when he moves home!

working out wise, this has been a tough week. I think with it being so short I got thrown off. either way I got some working out in while training my dad, and 1 morning session with Ashley and my mom. Overall, I lost another l lb this week so, success! On step closer to my goal! Next 5k: next Saturday, Run for the Pies!

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