Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back in action!

So, I finally feel things have settled down enough to begin blogging again. As mentioned a million times, I graduated, went on vacay with the boy, and am now back at home! I'm working for the City of Jacksonville Beach-Special Events. So far it has been crazy busy, intense, and a bit most jobs. This one however, is unpaid! Yup, no money-supposedly its the experience and resume building along with "hopeful" job placement. I'm just hoping for the best and trying to get my resume out there!That's it on the work front.

Living back at home has been quite the challenge though. Its been hard to get into a routine with work and the gym. Lately, I've been trying my hardest to get up with my friend Ashley and do the gym at 6 until 7:30 or 8 in the morning. It's been hard, but I slowly but surely getting into a routine. With the eating and weight loss I'm definitely doing ok, I lost the weight I gained during graduation and the cruise. So now, I have 13 more lbs to go and I'm at my goal! Then, on June 14th I start training for my first half marathon!! I am so excited to be doing this, I cannot wait. I also started to train my dad for his first 5K, using the couch to 5K plan. I find that I enjoy training and motivating others, maybe something I should think about once I hit my goal, who knows! Well thats it for now, I plan to be more regualr with this!

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