Monday, August 30, 2010

Run Recap & Quick Dinner

The 8 mile run Sunday turned into a 6 miler. The weather was questionable so we cut it short, but the run was amazing! I ran with a friend, Ashley, and we chatted the entire way. The run went by so fast, and I felt great! I really feel like I'm coming into my own in terms of running because with each run I feel stronger. I'm just really excited about the place I'm at with my running.
I am however not thrilled with my lack of strength training lately. I know kicking that in will help me shed the last 12-13 pounds. I've been stuck at this point with my weight and I cant seem to get past this plateau. I know I'm ultimately responsible more because I cheat here, or have an off day there and it all adds up. Its fine when I'm maintaining, but when I still have pounds to go I should be a little more focused. Now with football season starting this weekend, it will be tough to stay on track, but I will just have to bring things I can eat. I will attempt that this weekend!
Tonight, after work I wanted to go and get a new Gator shirt for the game this weekend. While at the sports store Cody and I ran into everyones favorite teacher from our high school. We ended up talking to her for awhile and by the time we left it was 7:30. I knew I didnt have time to make an elaborate dinner and I am a huge fan of quick, healthy dinners so thats what I did. I was extremely tempted to, and I think most people can relate to this, get junk food. When its late and you dont feel like cooking, and the night doesnt go as planned, its so much easier to turn to fast food. I thought about it and how guilty I would feel afterwards and instead I grabbed the stuff for chicken stir fry!

With these simple ingredients I was able to make a quick, healthy dinner. Cut up chicken mixed with stir-fry sauce and veggies over a little brown rice. I was full and happy-no guilt here! I'm happy, but I do feel like it is a constant battle to make the right decisions. Though its my lifestyle I still want to throw in the towel some days. When I dont, I feel so much better. I know that not only am I making the best decision health wise, but that its good to know I have to will power to not give into the easy fast food temptation.
Tomorrow: training schedule says 4 miles!

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  1. Yay long runs! Are you still doing the Labor Day race?