Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 Miles & New Gear

This morning I had my job interview with Allstate, which I think went very well. They seem like a great company and I was told that getting in with them is like starting a long-term career, which is what I'm looking for! I should know by next week, so I'm excited to find out.
After the interview Cody and I did lunch with his mom and we thought since the weather was overcast, it would be a good mall day. Somehow everything I ended up purchasing revolves around running. I think thats when you know you've really gotten into something, everything you buy has to do with it. Here's a pic of everything I got:

I got Nike Gator running shorts, my GNC Women's Active Vitamins (on sale-50% off), a pack of Gatorade Perform drink mix (I thought it would be perfect to mix in one of my bottles on my water belt for long runs), an awesome Nike Dri-FIT hat (perfect especially in this heat), and my dad got me the EA Energy Armour band (some wrist band that improves balance, strength, and even known to help improve running strides-the demonstration was cool and worked so I'll try it!) Overall, I got alot of great stuff. Whenever I buy new running gear it gets me excited to go running again, so I cant wait for tomorrows long run!
Going back to Thursday, I did get up early for my 6-miler. I had a quick pb and sandwich thin and headed out with my water belt and towel. I was nervous because I havent really pushed myself and I just wanted to see if I was still capable of the distance. It wasnt as hot as normal, so I knew the conditions were right. I didnt want to worry about time, so I just wanted to go out there with a clear mind and go. I ran the entire time, and completed in 1hr 24min. Its not very quick, but now I know I can do it and it makes me feel good going forward training for this half! I felt great afterwards once I had my protein shake, but I was a bit of a mess. I took a picture because I ran through grass, had dirt and mud on me, I felt like a tough athlete!

hard to see, but my legs were covered in dirt, I felt legit!

So, after extra-lean turkey burgers and watching the Jags game tonight I will head to bed-got to be up early for an 8 mile run out on the trails!

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