Monday, August 16, 2010

Crispers and Cross-Training

This morning I woke up energized to continue half-marathon training, but its an off day for running so I slept in a little before work. I had a lean pocket breakfast and skim milk for breakfast and left for work.
For lunch, I was not feeling the salad I packed, so some co-workers and I went to Crispers. I have not been in awhile and I was pleasantly surprised! I got a half southwest chicken sandwich on multi-grain break and black bean/sausage soup-DELISH! When the food came out they accidentally gave me tomato bisque soup and instead of taking it they let me keep it. I decided to take it home and have that with my salad for tomorrows lunch. I left lunch completely satisfied and happy. I had energy and was not stuffed.
Work went by quick, and I came home to a good dinner. Salmon, brown rice, and fresh broccoli-so good. Anyone who says eating healthy doesnt taste good is dead wrong! Its not a diet its a lifestyle change and once you get into the routine and mindset, it is a great thing!
After dinner I got the family to go to the Y. We stayed up there for 45 minutes doing strength training. I figure on days when I dont run that will be what I do. Strength training will only help my running. This week should be intense in terms of the running schedule. I have 2 miles tomorrow, 7 miles on Thursday, and 8 on Sunday. I'm looking forward to see how my body handles this week!

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