Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is it sad when the most important part of my day is cooking dinner?
Honestly, sitting at a desk all day and logging product isnt my favorite thing and I cherish the times I get off at a decent time and get to cook dinner for the fam. I love cooking and trying new things, especially healthy recipes. It always proves to me that eating right is delicious and just enjoyable to do. I got to leave work around 6 tonight and I knew dinner was going to be homemade Mexican! I decided on chicken fajitas.
The process went as follows:
just finished cutting the chicken into strips
fresh sliced green, red, yellow peppers-the colors look amazing!

chicken and peppers, simmering in taco seasoning and a little chili powder for that extra kick!

the finished product-chicken, peppers, red beans, brown rice, lettuce, low-fat cheese, hot sauce all on a low-calorie multi-grain wrap! YUM!
I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and I love the satisfaction that I made it. Dad was impressed too since he is new to the eating/working out lifestyle change. Overall, a success today because I got in my 2 miles this morning. Ran it in about 17 minutes and felt pretty good afterwards. I had a Myoplex shake while I got ready for work and I'm shocked at how full it kept me. I ate again before work because I knew I needed the fuel, but the shake really kept me full and energized, not to mention the protein I got after the run. I think I will stick to that, especially after Thursday's 7 miler.
Tomorrows plan: (since I dont have to be at work until noon, thank you lord) is to get up about 8 and do some strength training and then make a big breakfast for me and the boyfriend.
Ok, until tomorrow!

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  1. Glad that you liked the Myoplex shake, Jen! If you haven't sign up yet, you can get a free bottle here: We're also giving away some product on our Facebook page (, if you're interested!
    ~Anna at EAS