Tuesday, July 27, 2010

High Intensity Training

After, a bit of a crazy weekend, it was time to start the week off right! Besides seeing a movie and a lunch out, it was relaxing outside of a Friday night at the Monk. I dont think I will be going back there any time soon, just due to the fact that its time I buckle down even on the weekends.

On Monday I got an email for a free week of bootcamp at this high intensity training center or HIT center. I found out about this place during the River Run expo, but wanted to wait until I moved home to try it out. Since I havent felt really pushed in my workouts (besides running) since I left my personal trainer in Gainesville I decided it was time to really step outside my comfort zone. So tomorrow my biffle Ashley and I will be meeting a trainer for our first bootcamp session! I'm nervous, but ready to have the exhausted, nauseous, amazing workout feeling! Hopefully I get that tomorrow!

Also, last night I registered for the Tour de Pain. It is 3 races in 24 hours-the first is a 4 mile beach run on Friday night, then a 3-mile run Saturday morning, ending with a 1-mile sizzler Saturday afternoon-so 8 miles, 3 races, 24 hours! Can't wait! Its the weekend of August 13th and 14th and it will be my first race since Memorial Day weekend. I'm excited bc I have missed the exhilaration of racing and I'm so ready to jump back in, plus it will be good training for the half marathon! Ok off to get a good nights sleep before bootcamp in the morning!

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