Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Friday

What a week of workouts!! I am so happy to say that I have had an intense week in the gym! Thursday I got up and headed out for my run with Ash and my mom. I wasnt sure with the time how far we could get, but we got in an awesome 4.2 miler. Once I hit the first mile its like my mind goes blank and my body instictively moves on its own. I dont feel the pain just the excitement of going further. Overall, a great training run!

This morning I got up a little late for bootcamp at the HIT center, but I was determined to get there! Once there we found out it was "fun friday" and I knew it couldnt be good! We had to run with weights from end to end with pushups, squats, lunges, anything really in between running with our weights. (Run with two drop them off, run back, exercise, run back grab one weight, run back exercise, run back grab the other, rest for 1 min) That was done a total of 8 times, followed by ab work. Lets just say by the end of it my legs were dripping with sweat! I wasnt sure in the beginning that I could do it. In fact, I was more than ready to walk out the door, but I pushed through. Ash helped with that and we talked each other through it. I'm so glad I did that this morning. Now I can go have an awesome Friday!!

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  1. I am so proud of us. I seriously did not think I could do one more round after the 2nd one but we stuck it out and did EIGHT!!! We rock, and everyone knows it :)
    P.S. my hands are throbbing from those friggin weights! They are seriously red!