Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rest Days & Parfaits

Today was a rest day on the GRR training schedule. I have come to appreciate these days. Even if I physically feel up to working out, I know that these rest days are just what I need to take advantage of. I dont want to overtrain or get burnt out, so I plan to take full advantage of days like today!

After work, Cody and I had dinner plans with some great friends, and one of our favorite couples-Ashley and Brian. We planned to do a dinner and just catch up. We ended up having a pretty healthy meal. We had grilled chicken, potatoes, and salad. Cody and I brought dessert and salad and I really wanted to try something new, but healthy for dessert. I was looking up recipes at work and came across a fruit and yogurt parfait. I sent the recipe to Cody and he agreed to make it while I was working (he is in between semesters-man I miss those days!). When I got home I looked at it and saw what looked like granola on top and it didnt look as fresh and appealing as it did on the websites picture. Either way we took it over and gave it a try. It was actually delicious! It was a parfait with layers of low-fat peach yogurt, pineapple chunks and raspberries, and Cody added chocolate granola on top. The topping really set it off. (I knew he was a keeper) One parfait is about 160 calories. I'm not big on dessert everyday, or that often really, but I plan on making this again!

Well, off to bed, tomorrow will be a long day. 2 mile training run in the morning, then after work I have my first workout session with my trainer in 2 weeks! Should be a looonng day!

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