Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheers to a New Year!--2011

Hope everyone had a great time ringing in 2011. The boyfriend and I went to his friends bar Engine 15 with his family, sis, and her boyfriend. We sampled some delicious, but different beers. Then it was off to his sisters boyfriends family's house (confusing yes I know) to ring in the new year! We had delicious drinks, and my favorite the champagne toast! (I looove champagne) Overall, it went from stressing over what to do and how things were going to play out, to a great start for 2011!

I didnt really make a resolution this year, more like re-committing to what I already started. I'm so excited to start this new year off right and get these last few pounds off and finally get to my goal. Also, racing is back in full swing. River run training starts tomorrow. Now that I've done it before, I cant wait to see what improvements I make this year! Plus, I have an odd obsession with being on a training schedule. Having a goal and a written plan really keep me motivated. That paired with the Wellness Committee at work should really give me no excuses, and every opportunity to start the year right!

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