Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Already...

Ohhh always seem to get here so soon. Either way, I dragged my self out of bed this mornig for yet another GRR training run. It was only 2 miles, but waking up at 6 is such a struggle. The only thing that I was slightly excited about was running in my new shoes. They came in last week and I ran in them yesterday-3 miles. I swear there is nothing like new running shoes. They fit perfectly and you dont realize how much you needed new shoes until you put on a new pair!

Other than a run, I didnt do much else besides work. We started the office Biggest Loser and did everyone initial weigh-in today. I'm participating, but I'm tracking my personal weight at home on my own scale. The scale at home and the one at work has a couple pounds difference. Since last Monday morning when I weighed I've lost 1.2 lbs. I only intend to get off these last 13 pounds, then no more weighing weekly, just maintaining! A pound doesnt seem like much, but when its the last few, its so much harder to get it off. I'm going to celebrate my 1.2 and work harder this week!

I'll be in bed early-3 mile training run in the morning, then personal trainer butt kicking after work! Bring it on!

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