Monday, February 7, 2011

Vacation Shame Spiral

Just as quickly as you accomplish something, you can lose it just as quick.

This past Thursday I went on a mini vacation with the boyfriend, my sissy, and her boyfriend to Orlando. We bought the boys tickets to the Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat basketball game since they love the Magic. Needless to say, we made a few days of it and had an amazing time! I had not cheated in 5 plus weeks, without soda, alcohol, or delish cheat food. I took full advantage of this trip and did not think about calories or workouts and anything. I ate, drank, and was merry! I enjoyed myself so much that when I got home on Saturday and Sunday I continued to eat and drink how I wanted. I call it my 'shame spiral'. Its a loving term I use to refer to times when I just let my hard work go and eat and let it get away from me. I definitely did that this weekend.

I made the mistake of weighing this morning, which I knew would disappoint me. I had to know where I was at though. What I saw I didnt like. I knew a day or so of enjoying myself was fine, but 4 days was excessive. I know I have no one to blame but myself. But instead of being down on myself, I just use it as a learning opportunity. A friend told me today "remember when you cheating was a way of life? You've come so far and changed your life, just get back on it" That really resonated with me. The sluggish, sick feeling I had this weekend used to be my daily life. I used to eat crap and drink weekly and feel the need to nap every single day. Now, I feel like this shame spiral will jump start my metabolism again. Today felt like the detox day, and it felt so good to eat healthy. By today my body was almost craving it! So I gained 3 pounds this week, but I'm going to use my 'shame spiral' as motivation! Bring on a new week!

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