Sunday, February 27, 2011

Long Time....

It has been awhile...I'm a slacker.
I think so much has gone on recently I havent even thought about blogging. I really have nothing important to talk about, no new accomplishments or anything, but I want to get back int the habit of doing this, so here goes the last few weeks:
Shortly after our Orlando trip, my papa (grandpa) got sick and passed suddenly. Dealing with that and the family and funeral was stressul and sad. He was 90 and had alzheimers for awhile and had only been getting worse. He lived a great life and I have piece in the relationship I had with him growing up, heck I practically lived at his and Manny's house when I was younger. The sadness has passed, now that I see my Manny will be ok. In order to get my mind off things, I headed to Charleston that weekend after the funeral.

I went to visit an amazing friend, and being with her is always the pick me up I need. I really had a blast and worried about nothing the entire weekend. When I was driving home I just felt better, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I really must have needed the time away, with good friends and fun!

During that trip, another one of my best friends got engaged! I got the call and I couldnt be more excited. Ash and Brian are a great couple and I'm genuinely happy for whats ahead for them!

That brings me to now. My main focus is training for the GRR and working to be debt free (no easy task for anyone that knows my credit cards). I've been focused on work and training. I really wish I was more exciting, but this is just my attempt to get back into writing. Hope everyone has a great week!

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