Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic Monday...maybe not

Today was surprisingly not like a Monday. I was determined to approach the day with a sense of calm; not let the little things bother me, and keep calm no matter what the day seemed to bring. There were many trials though-work load, people at work, even the customers themselves. However, I managed to stay stress free. I'm determined to keep calm and hopefully that will affect my stress and headaches.

On top of that, I managed to get two workouts in today. I'm helping a friend train for her first 5K, so we've been meeting at 6:30 for morning runs. Then after work, I went to Timed Exercise (a new gym/bootcamp I've been going to) and did a 30 minute boot camp.

I dont know if it was the two workouts or my determination not to have a bad day, but either way what could have been a manic Monday, turned out to be pretty mundane; I'll take it!

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