Monday, June 20, 2011

Still Waiting...

After finalizing everything with the loan counselor, all we are waiting for is the go ahead from the underwriter. She agreed everything looks good, and we just needed the final approval. So, as it sits, I'm playing the waiting game. Putting everything I have into savings, living off as little as possible, all in hopes that in August I will be closing on a home! The suspense is killing me!

Other than sitting on pins and needles, I had one glorious week off. Minus the few days of smoke (thanks a lot wildfires) I thoroughly enjoyed floating in the pool, sleeping in, and enjoying one or multiple margaritas! It was so nice to take a step back from work and just enjoy my days of having nothing to do. I also got to spend some much needed time with the bf. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary last Wednesday! I really cant believe we have been together 3 years. I woke up to breakfast in bed, which I've never had before. It was followed by a day of being little kids of Dave & Busters, lunch out, then a fancy pants dinner on the water at Charthouse. Overall, a great time. The whole week did my good. The bf and I reconnected, I soaked up some sun, and I feel rejuvenated in general.

I guess for this week I will go back to waiting...

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